A new benchmark for private medical care: Yonghe Medical implements a doctor outpatient system

There are only two types of hair transplant technology in the world: FUT and FUE. The precious resources in the field of hair transplant are not technology, but “good doctors”.

Although the hair transplant itself does not require “high-end” technology, it requires the full participation of a practicing doctor due to key steps such as anesthesia and preoperative diagnosis.

However, in the process of rapid development of the industry, this seemingly “must” condition once made the entire industry stand on the cusp of the storm.

Selling consultations and technical packaging with various tricks have brought a lot of “topics” and problems to the industry.

As a leader in the industry, Yonghe Medical uses practical actions to provoke the stubborn diseases of the industry and lead the standard development of the industry.

On September 21, 2022, Yonghe Medical announced at its brand launch that it will officially implement the “Strong Medical Plan”.

Xu Yang, COO of Yonghe Medical, said that the “Strengthening Doctor Plan” released this time will further carry out the integrated training and job integration of outpatient doctors and surgical doctors, so as to achieve the goal of one doctor with more than one specialty. It can highlight the professional value of doctors and effectively improve the efficiency and quality of services.

Initiated a doctor grading evaluation system to output more good doctors

As a leading company in the hair industry, Yonghe Medical has always adhered to the road of “adhering to the origin of medical treatment + medical team building”.

Since the establishment of Yonghe Medical Hair Transplant Technology Research Institute in 2011, this idea has been run through. Up to now, Yonghe Medical has established a complete system of doctor education and training.

In terms of talent introduction, “registered doctor” is the basic threshold for joining Yonghe Medical. Most of the doctors in this institution are from public hospitals. Even if they already have relevant practice experience, all doctors must go through 6 to 8 months of systematic training in hair transplantation theory, simulation exercises, and aesthetics before they officially start their jobs.

At the beginning of 2022, Yonghe Medical took the lead in creating the “Grading Evaluation System for Hair Transplant Doctors” in the industry. The system clearly lists 4 major evaluation indicators, of which only “surgical quality” is the only It subdivided into 24 evaluation dimensions such as direction angle, implantation level, and operation time.

In this evaluation system of Yonghe Medical, the comprehensive ability of the doctor will be supervised and scored by the hospital and the patient before finally obtaining the corresponding “grade”.

According to Xu Yang, the “Grading Evaluation System for Hair Transplant Doctors” established by Yonghe Medical is the first in the hair transplant industry.

“Only to solve the hair problem through medical methods is to adhere to the essence of medical treatment.” Xu Yang said.

According to the semi-annual report of Yonghe Medical, as of June 30, 2022, Yonghe Medical has successfully built a professional medical team consisting of 1,198 people.

The relevant person in charge of Yonghe Medical emphasized that “good doctor” is the magic weapon for Yonghe Medical to develop steadily and steadily.

Idea Re-Upgrade

After long-term system construction, the “good doctor” that has been continuously cultivated has become the core competitiveness of Yonghe Medical. However, this still cannot meet the actual medical needs of patients.

Frost & Sullivan data shows that in 2020, the scale of China’s hair medical service market is 18.4 billion, and this number is expected to rise to 138.1 billion by 2030. This means that the market size will grow nearly eight times in ten years.

The hair industry has entered the fast lane, but the problem that cannot be ignored is that along with the high growth, there are still individual chaos in the overall industry.

In order to strengthen the concept of “Good Doctor”, on this basis, Yonghe Medical has launched an upgraded version – “Strong Doctor Program”.

In the values ​​of Yonghe Medical, a team of qualified and experienced doctors is the reliable guarantee for the quality of hair transplantation. The implementation of the “Strong Doctor Program” has put forward higher surgical requirements for hair transplant doctors. The plan clearly requires surgeons to carry out higher standards and all-round upgrade certification in hair transplant.

Xu Yang pointed out that the “Strengthening Medical Program” has the effect of strengthening values ​​internally, that is, “not sales-oriented”; externally, it is hoped that through such a program, it will affect the entire industry, thereby promoting the establishment of higher standards in the hair industry.

“The hair industry has never been driven by technology.” Xu Yang emphasized, “The core of the hair industry comes from the doctor’s diagnosis. Only through the professional diagnosis of the doctor can the cause of the patient be found. , in order to formulate the most reasonable treatment plan.”

Outpatient “Good Doctor”

For Yonghe Medical, the meaning of a good doctor includes not only “good doctor in surgery”, but also “good doctor in outpatient clinic”.

A sales-oriented approach seriously harms the vital interests of patients.

Hair transplantation is a delicate surgical operation, and the anesthesia and the operation of the doctor during the operation are very important. But at the same time, the preoperative diagnosis and plan design of the outpatient doctor are important links in determining the basic direction of the operation.

In this context, Yonghe Medical took the lead in implementing the “Hair Integrated Diagnosis and Treatment System” in the industry in 2022. Under such a system, Yonghe Medical implements a doctor outpatient system.

In the consultation session, Yonghe Medical gave a clear requirement that “doctors must meet in person, and non-medical personnel cannot replace doctors”. And stressed that a professional preoperative diagnosis must be made by a doctor.

In the process of diagnosis and treatment, Yonghe Medical also requires doctors to clearly determine the specific cause of hair loss through professional medical means, and finally give a comprehensive diagnosis and treatment plan of “one person, one case” .

Therefore, under such a system arrangement, the four key links of Yonghe Medical, including preoperative diagnosis, program design, surgical operation and postoperative maintenance, are all completed by registered doctors in person.

In Xu Yang’s words, “a good doctor has become the long-term value of Yonghe Medical.”

From the establishment of the “Hair Transplant Doctor Hierarchical Diagnosis and Treatment System” to the “Strong Doctor Program”, “from the implementation of the hair integrated diagnosis and treatment system” to the implementation of the doctor’s outpatient system, Yonghe Medical’s values ​​are all around It was established as a “good doctor”.

Insist on not doing technical packaging, and actively organize academic conferences in the industry. Under the continuous improvement of the system, Yonghe Medical’s goal has not only been striving to be the “benchmark” in the hair industry.

In the process of striving to promote the norms of the hair industry, Yonghe Medical has set its sights in the distance.