A nun in the Tang Dynasty had a crush on a monk, wrote a courtship poem, and finally found love

Today we will continue to read poems, one after another a few days ago I have recommended several of Wang Anshi’s less popular works for everyone. Personally, I prefer Wang Anshi, a real master. But today I would like to recommend to you the “Eight Arrivals” by Li Ye, a talented girl of the Tang Dynasty, which is also a love poem that I prefer. When I read this poem in my youth, I was moved by the poet’s deep affection. It was written very sincerely, and every sentence was deeply affectionate and full of deep love.

There are more than 49,000 poems in “Full Tang Poems”, and love poems account for two-thirds of them. Many poets have described love. After all, love can most resonate with people. Everyone grows up longing for love, hoping to find another him (her). But sometimes when we think we have found love, we are caught in a predicament. It is obvious that two people are in love with each other, but due to various reasons, they finally parted ways, and labor and Yan are separated, which also makes love sad for countless people.

From near to far from east to west, from deep to shallow clear stream.

Up to tomorrow and the moon, close relatives to distant couples.

This poem was written by Li Ye in the later period. Because he was hurt in love in his early years, he finally saw through the world of monks, but at this time he had a crush on a monk again. It seems that the power of love is very strong. Greatness, even if a nun who is a monk, meets a man who makes his heart move, he will lose his mind and show a crazy pursuit. It was she who wrote this love poem, which finally moved the monk, and the two had a wonderful time.

In our shallow understanding, people who practice cultivation are originally empty of all four things, without emotions and desires, and focus on Buddha, but there are some young nuns and monks who naturally yearn for love because they are still in their adolescence, which is understandable. After all, he (she) is also a human being, and they are all normal people; May really reach the realm of self-forgetfulness. Now many monks in temples live better than anyone else. They not only drive luxury cars, live in big villas, but also marry beautiful girls. It’s ironic to say, and this is the reason why I don’t believe in Buddhism and have no religious beliefs. Sometimes it’s too hypocritical.

Of course we can’t be too mean, as long as we truly love each other, then it is worthy of respect, after all love So great and so memorable. Although Li Ye became a monk, but when he met his sweetheart, he naturally hoped that the two could live together, day and night, and stay together. This poem of hers is also very affectionate, and every sentence is very touching. It is only the first or second sentence of the opening, which is full of love. The farthest is east and west, and the deepest and shallowest is Qingxi. The short two sentences are also very understandable, and at the same time show their love.

The third and fourth sentences further showed my sincerity, which moved the A young monk, harvested a beautiful love, “the highest to the next day and the moon, the closest to the estranged husband and wife.” The highest and brightest is the sun and the moon, and the closest and the most distant is the husband and wife. These two sentences can be said to be straightforward, telling the other party directly, nothing more than hoping that the other party can accept him, but it was later proved that it was because of this poem that Li Ye gained love since then, and this poem has also become a description in Tang poetry. The classic work of love has touched countless readers in later generations.

Li Ye’s life was also extremely tragic. Later, he was summoned to the palace for the first time, but because of writing poetry , was ordered by Tang Dezong to be beaten to death by random sticks, and a generation of great poets disappeared, which has to be moved and regrettable. However, those classic love poems of hers are legendary, and let us see a strange woman who loves and hates. Although the Tang Dynasty appeared to be very open and the entire dynasty was very enlightened, women had no status, and they could not fall in love freely. Most women still obeyed the orders of their parents and the words of the matchmaker, but Li Ye was different. She dared to Brave pursuit of love, this alone is enough to be respected.