A very beautiful Song poem, the plum blossoms fall in the heavy snow, and the fallen plum reflects the snow is picturesquely beautiful

A snow in the early spring made the gorgeous Lamei bloom Blowing down, the fluttering snowflakes, and the plum blossoms falling down, are really picturesque. It happened that this poetic picture was written into the poem “Exploring Spring” by the Song Dynasty poet Huang Shu, which made the world remember this poem and the poet. Such a beautiful poem, it is also the most not to be missed, and reading it also makes people feel immersed in the situation.

Text is actually very beautiful. It is different from photography. It can give people a visual impact very intuitively. People can feel the unique beauty just by looking at the photos. However, words require delicate emotions and profound writing skills. If it is only described in a subtle way, it will naturally not be able to highlight the beauty of things, and it will naturally be like chewing wax, which will make a poem lose its charm; even using No matter how gorgeous the text is, without artistic conception, it will not feel the beauty.

This song “Exploring Spring” by Huang Shu has no superb expressive techniques or gorgeous rhetoric , is just so light, describing the snow in early spring and the blown plum blossoms in a very ordinary tone, but it is as beautiful as a painting, making people feel the kind of poetic beauty. This is also the most attractive part of this poem. It seems to be describing ordinary scenery and ordinary things. Every sentence is full of poetry, and the whole article is so beautiful.

You can still be drunk with falling plums in the snow, and a good camp cup is waiting for spring.

Dongfeng tried a new knife ruler, and Wanye Qianhua cut it with one hand.

Plum has many qualities, but the world loves plum, not only because it looks good, The flowers that bloom are very beautiful, and it is the spirit conveyed by the plum blossom itself. It is obviously a very ordinary plum blossom, but it can bloom the most gorgeous flowers in the world in the cold, which makes the cold weather full of vitality. It is precisely this reason. , so that the literati of all dynasties wrote poems to praise the plum blossom.

People like the unique shape of the plum blossom, as well as the noble character of the plum blossom. Even in cold weather, it blooms freely in the wind and snow, and is never afraid of the cold. This is like life. No matter what kind of setbacks and blows we encounter, we must face them bravely. Only in this way can we realize our self-worth and achieve ourselves. Plum blossom is the epitome of life, and it also represents the purest original intention. A person must stick to the original intention, face life bravely, and face life with a smile.

The first and second sentences are about plum blossoms falling in the snow, just two beautiful sentences It is picturesque and catchy to read. It makes people feel the unique spectacle of the blending of plum and snow. “You can still be drunk with falling plums in the snow, and you can have a good cup to wait for spring.” The snow was blown off, and the petals fluttered in the snow. It looked very beautiful and spectacular. This kind of scenery is very unique. It makes people intoxicated. I just rectified the wine vessel and just waited quietly for the arrival of spring.

The third and fourth sentences express their desire for spring, and they are written more vividly It’s interesting, “Dongfeng will try a new knife and ruler, and Wanye Qianhua will cut it with one hand.” It’s coming soon, spring is coming soon, how exciting it is, holding a knife and ruler, and cutting on the desk The red flowers in spring, and the green leaves below, this is the scenery of spring, and it is also the season we most yearn for.

The first sentence of Huang Shu’s poem is beautiful, and he writes a different Plum blossoms, as well as different snow scenes, the poet made this poem unique through the delicate description of plum blossoms and snow scenes, full of poetry and infinite sadness. Although it seems to be written in ordinary, just ordinary scenery, but every sentence is beautiful, and every sentence is full of poetry. The plum blossoms are beginning to wither, and although it is still snowing, spring must not be far away. After all, winter is over and spring will come soon.