A mother in Changsha suffered from pain and fever, with a fever of nearly 40°C! The doctor urgently reminded!

repeated fever, waist and abdomen pain, and fever for a time 39.2℃The aunt in Changsha has been suffering recentlyafter multiple visits to the doctor, she found out thatshe “Strangely” infected with Bruceella! And the “culprit” is justa little minced meat with raw lambfor this, Doctor’s reminder: Summer buffetBarbecue skewers, contact with raw meatPay special attention! ↓↓↓Pain in the waist and abdomen and repeated fever. During these days, Ms. Liu, a 66-year-old citizen of Changsha, can be said to have done a ” Nightmare”. A doctor from Xiangya Hospital of Central South University said that many citizens love to eat beef and mutton kebabs in summer, and they must be careful to be infected with Brucella. Remind the public to eat beef and mutton fully cooked to ensure the treatment of various germs. Small meat foam fly into the eyes Changsha one Months ago, my relatives sent beef and mutton to my home from the north. Changsha’s Ms. Liu was handling raw mutton when a small piece of raw mutton tissue splashed and touched her eye, she didn’t care and didn’t care superior. Until recently, Ms. Liu had symptoms such as recurrent fever and pain in the left waist and abdomen. She had a fever of 39.2°C and was transferred to the emergency observation room of Xiangya Hospital of Central South University. Due to the diagnosis, the GP team considered Ms. Liu to have brucellosis spondylitis strong>. ▲The vertebrae of the patient L4 and L5 are marked in red span>How can I get this germ? The doctors and nurses repeatedly helped Ms. Liu to investigate, the “source of the disease” was the piece of mutton that splashed into her eyes at that time . After treatment, the patient’s symptoms improved significantly, and there was no fever, and the patient was discharged smoothly. The doctor reminds: summer barbecue skewers pay attention to high temperature sterilization ImportantWhat is brucellosis? Brucellosis, caused by Brucella bacteria, is a zoonotic infectious disease and is classified under the Law of the People’s Republic of China on the Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases. Class B infectious diseases. The most common sources of infection of the disease in my country are sheep, cattle and pigs. Among them, Brucella ovis is the most infectious to humans and has the highest morbidity rate. The most serious harm. What are the symptoms of brucellosis? “The symptoms of brucellosis can be easily confused with other diseases, such as night sweats, fever, weight loss, back pain, feeling very tired, etc. .For unexplained fever, plus unexplained musculoskeletal pain, if there is contact with an infected animal ( A history of exposure to bodily fluids from animals such as sheep, cattle, goats, pigs, or other animals, or exposure to food products from infected animals, such as unpasteurized milk and cheese, warrants a high degree of suspicion and investigation for brucellosis. How is brucellosis transmitted?The main route of transmission isContact transmission, respiratory transmission and gastrointestinal transmission. The common way of contact transmission is through skin wounds or skin mucous membranes contacting the tissue fluid, secretions, excrement, skin, hair, and meat of sick animals may be infected; secondly, it may also be transmitted in the form of aerosols. Respiratory infection; may be transmitted through the digestive system if consuming undercooked meat or dairy products of sick animals. Therefore, doctors remind the public to eat roast beef, lamb skewers and other foods in summer Make sure food is fully cookedPersonal protection when cooking food Contact with raw animal meat and bodily fluids is also of concern How to prevent Brucella infection? Experts said that Brucella is not very tolerant to high temperature and light, and it can be found in 100 Under dry heat conditions of ℃, it can be sterilized in 7-9 minutes, and pasteurization is sufficient to effectively kill Brucella in dairy products. Therefore, do not drink raw milk, do not eat raw meat. When contacting or handling sheep, cattle, pigs and other livestock and raw meat, be sure to standardize all operations, do a good job in hygienic protection, and prevent Brucella Infect. Brucellosis is the most important thing to prevent, as long as we do boil and drink raw milk, and cook raw meat Eat again, purchase quarantine-qualified dairy products, meat products, and take personal protection when touching livestock and handling raw meat products.

ComeSource: Hunan Daily, Changsha Evening News, Political and Legal Channel

Reviewers: Danyang, Feifei, Mao Wei