“A large area of ​​express delivery has been shut down”? Response came

Recently, a piece of news about the “outage of express delivery” has been widely spread in the e-commerce and express delivery circles. Some netizens concluded that express delivery outlets across the country are currently “shut down on a large scale” based on the stop delivery site form sent to cooperative merchants by individual express companies. The reporter learned after many verifications that the news was not true. Currently, it is true that some areas are affected by the epidemic and the outlets are closed, but the proportion is not large. The operation of the national postal express network is generally stable.

The person in charge of the State Post Bureau stated that since November 21, the daily average The collection volume is about 260 million pieces, the delivery volume is about 270 million pieces, and the average daily service exceeds 500 million person-times. Under the current epidemic environment, there are indeed restrictions on the operation of some express delivery outlets and employees, and the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain are also affected to a certain extent, which makes it difficult for some consumers to receive goods in a short period of time after placing an order.

The State Post Bureau’s postal express industry guarantees smooth and smooth work leadership On November 27, the group office held a work conference on guaranteeing smooth delivery for key enterprises, and dispatched postal express companies such as Postal Express, SF Express, JD.com, Zhongtong, Yuantong, Yunda, Shentong, Jitu, Danniao, etc., to further understand the current operation of the industry The actual situation, focusing on how to ensure the normal operation of the postal express industry during the epidemic prevention and control period, especially made relatively clear and specific arrangements for distribution centers, outlets and employees. The meeting requested that we must resolutely do a good job in epidemic prevention and control, implement the ninth edition of the epidemic prevention and control plan and the “Twenty Points” optimization measures, and minimize the impact of the epidemic on the industry; we must also do a good job in network scheduling in a timely manner, and cooperate with upstream e-commerce The platform and merchants should communicate well to avoid more backlogs of mail shipments from the front end, and at the same time actively promote the dynamic release of mail shipments that have already been backlogged.

Previously, the State Post Bureau had issued a notice requiring postal management departments at all levels to promote local governments to meet the The unblocking conditions must be unblocked as soon as possible in an orderly manner, and those responsible for the delivery of epidemic prevention materials, people’s livelihood materials, and important production and living materials must be unblocked first in accordance with the procedures. Currently, postal management departments at all levels are also actively promoting the work of ensuring smooth flow of the industry, opening up postal express lines and terminal blockage points, relieving the backlog of mail express, and ensuring the smooth and orderly operation of the industry. At the same time, strengthen docking and coordination with local governments, strengthen coordination and linkage, maintain the normal operation of postal express infrastructure, strive to include employees of postal express companies in whitelist management, apply for passes for postal express vehicles, and effectively guarantee the delivery service needs of the people.

Source: CCTV News