A family of 13 staying in Sanya for 7 days will cost 180,000? Response: Deliberately provoking confrontation, eating human blood buns

In the early morning of August 8, the public account “Sanya Micro Forces” published an article entitled “@surging news, you owe Sanya an apology”, which caused heated discussions.

The origin of the incident is that since the recent outbreak of the Sanya epidemic, as of 12:00 on August 7, a total of 689 local confirmed cases and 282 local asymptomatic cases have been reported, and more than 80,000 tourists have been stranded.

During this period, The Paper published a number of articles describing the situation of tourists stranded in Sanya, such as “The cabin doors are closed after boarding from Sanya, and the broadcast shouted for everyone to get off the plane”, “80,000” Tourists stay in Sanya, and the return air ticket skyrockets, “It’s outrageous”, “Stay 10,000 a night, eat 7,000 a meal”, a family of 13 will stay in Sanya for 7 days. At the same time, the entry #a family of 13 who stay in Sanya for 7 days will spend 130,000# also attracted a lot of attention on Weibo, causing many netizens to question the current situation of Sanya’s epidemic prevention.

In “@surging news, you owe Sanya an apology”, the publisher said that Pengbai news published these articles to gain attention, deliberately provoke confrontation, and was eating the human blood steamed bread of the people in the epidemic area . He also said that the people of Sanya under the epidemic are now giving up their children and Gu Da, asking why the Paper is scolding?

According to the content of the surging news report, #A family of 13 will spend 130,000 in Sanya for 7 days# Xu Feng (pseudonym) mentioned in the article and his family of 13 live in the Mandarin Oriental Hotel. Caishi Media noticed that the hotel is a well-known resort hotel in Sanya, and the current price on Meituan ranges from 3,906 yuan/day to 28,392 yuan/day. According to the content of the article, the room that Mr. Xu’s family lived in was 5,000 yuan per night, and 13 people lived in 5 rooms. After the stay, Mandarin Oriental, Sanya agreed to charge half of the previously booked price, which is 2,500 yuan per night, in accordance with government regulations. Based on this, Mr. Xu calculated that the daily cost of board and lodging for the 13 people during the stay was as high as 26,500 yuan, and the seven-day stay meant that the cost of the family was as high as 180,000 yuan.

However, many netizens said, “There are also many cheap hotels in Sanya, of course the price of choosing a well-known resort hotel is expensive.” Each meal is 700 yuan per person. According to China News Network, Mandarin Oriental Hotel said that the 700 yuan meal fee is the cost of a buffet in one of the hotel’s restaurants, and the guests involved have only eaten in this restaurant once.

For hotel prices in Sanya, some netizens said that there are actually many free or half-price hotels in Sanya. There are also netizens whose IP addresses are displayed as Hainan, saying that they were stranded on a trip from Shanghai to Sanya. He currently lives in Haitang District, and the price of the hotel where he lives is not half price. He doesn’t know how to eat when the takeaway is turned off (fortunately, he also stocked up 10 boxes of instant noodles and self-heating pots). The hotel staff said that they are also waiting for the government to release materials. The two calls for help and the 12345 government hotline that I announced to Haitang District couldn’t get through at all.

From this point of view, Sanya’s epidemic prevention still needs to be implemented and improved, but for some reports, many people said that there is indeed a suspicion of guiding public opinion.