A bottle of ginseng drink sells for 16 yuan. The efficacy of annual ginseng is similar to that of radish. Can it treat the injury of staying up late?

The drink with a whole ginseng has recently become popular in the market. The average bottle is 16 yuan. The role of publicity is to alleviate the physical damage caused by staying up late. Some netizens call it staying up late. Does water, such a drink, really have a good health care effect?

According to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, whether the medicinal materials are authentic or not has a decisive effect on the final efficacy of traditional Chinese medicine. Good medicinal materials and good medicine have always been a slogan of traditional Chinese medicine. The medicinal materials, especially the precious medicinal materials, must be accumulated over the years, absorb the essence of the sun and the moon, and absorb the spiritual energy of the heaven and earth to have a very significant medicinal effect. For example, if ginseng is grown in a greenhouse, its medicinal effect is at most similar The radishes grown at the same time are similar, and many Chinese herbal medicines that are artificially planted now not only have a short planting time, but also fertilize and spray pesticides during the growth process. It is really difficult to say whether such herbs are good or bad.

Now the online wholesale price of ginseng, the price of a 15g full weight ginseng is 0.42 yuan, although the price is more expensive than radish, but it is not the price of the imagined precious medicinal materials, if there is ginseng at this price To make up for the damage caused by staying up late, office workers can have one, eat it every day, and contribute to strengthening the physical fitness of the nation.