A 58-year-old man felt numbness in his legs and was tired of walking, and he was wary of spinal tumors that were good at camouflage

Reporter Wang Xiaomeng Correspondent Cao Kun Liu Xueming

Standing up and resting shoulders, shouldering heavy burdens, the road is long. The spine is the spine, which can be said to be the pillar of our body. It plays an extremely important role in the human body, such as weight-bearing, shock absorption, protection and movement.

The spine is made up of sections of vertebrae. The upper and lower vertebrae are connected by vertebral foramen, forming a tubular structure, which is medically called “spinal canal”.

Due to various reasons, different types of tumors grow in the spinal canal, and these tumors are easily confused with degenerative diseases of the spine such as cervical spondylosis and lumbar disc herniation. It needs to be reminded that intraspinal tumors are very harmful, and a clear diagnosis as soon as possible, and active treatment is the key!

Mr. Zhang, 58, is a carpenter and has always been tough. 3 months ago, Mr. Zhang found that he had no energy to walk, his body was uncoordinated, and sometimes his legs were numb and swollen. He thought it would be better to rest when he was old, but he didn’t take it seriously. The symptoms of numbness and weakness are getting worse and worse, which seriously affects the normal life.

Mr. Zhang went to the local hospital to check and found that a huge tumor had grown in the thoracic spinal canal, which had severely compressed the spinal cord, and had grown outward and squeezed the left lung. Spinal canal tumor surgery is risky and difficult, and the tumor in Mr. Zhang’s spinal canal is huge and has squeezed his lungs, which is very likely to have severe adhesions. The local hospital recommended the patient to a hospital in the provincial capital for further treatment.

Unexpectedly, Mr. Zhang’s family went to many hospitals in Jinan, but they did not give effective treatment due to the difficulty and danger of the operation. Finally, after being recommended by a patient, Mr. Zhang found Director Zhao Tingbao, the chief expert of spine and spinal cord surgery of the Third Provincial Hospital of Shandong Province.

After a detailed understanding of the condition and careful review of the imaging data, Zhao Tingbao found that the patient’s tumor originated from the intervertebral foramen of the 3rd and 4th thoracic vertebrae, grew into the spinal canal and occupied more than half of the spinal canal space. Severe squeezing of the spinal cord causes symptoms such as numbness and weakness in walking. At the same time, the tumor grows more recklessly to the lateral front of the spinal canal, squeezes the lung tissue, and is close to the great blood vessels of the heart, which is closely related to the aortic arch.

Zhao Tingbao patiently introduced the patient’s condition and said that if the tumor continued to grow, it would affect the patient’s bowel and bladder function, and even risk paraplegia. In addition, the continuous growth of the tumor outside the spinal canal squeezes the lungs and invades the large blood vessels of the heart, which will affect the patient’s respiratory function and increase the risk of large blood vessels rupture. The current best treatment plan is to operate as soon as possible to remove the tumor.

Finally hearing about the cure, Mr. Zhang’s family is looking forward to the surgery…

After admission, In order to ensure the smooth operation of the operation, the team of Director Zhao Tingbao organized a multidisciplinary consultation in a timely manner and formulated a complete operation plan. All surgical contraindications were excluded, and the operation was carried out as scheduled. During the operation, with the cooperation of the expert team of thoracic surgery and vascular surgery, Director Zhao Tingbao led the surgical team to carefully dissect, separate, open the spinal canal, and separate the blood vessels, nerves, and cardiac aorta at the edge of the tumor. With the stable operation technique, Director Zhao Tingbao’s team completely separated the tumor inside and outside the spinal canal, and the operation lasted 4 hours.

After the operation, the symptoms of numbness in the patient’s legs disappeared immediately, and the patient recovered well under the careful treatment and care of the medical staff.

“It is not only the herniated disc and spinal canal stenosis that cause pain, numbness and weakness of the limbs, but also be alert to the occurrence of tumors in the spinal canal.” Zhao Tingbao reminds everyone that for repeated low back pain, Neck and shoulder pain requires a high degree of vigilance, especially patients with pain for more than 2 weeks and the pain is not easy to relieve, should go to the hospital as soon as possible for investigation, a clear diagnosis, and timely treatment.

The Spine and Spinal Surgery Department of the Third Provincial Hospital of Shandong Province has accumulated rich experience in the surgical treatment of spinal tumors, and has successfully carried out many complex spinal tumor resections to relieve pain in time for patients with spinal diseases and for their families. Bring the Gospel.

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