Buying melatonin in the morning C at night A and late at night, how miserable is the sleep of this generation of young people?

Despite your life while working hard, it is a true portrayal of most contemporary workplace people, and health has become everyone’s last obsession.

Last year, the big Internet companies all moved from cancelling the big and small to say goodbye to 996. The migrant workers returned to the 8-hour work system amid the “anti-involution” noise. .

ZAKER and Austrivii use data to restore the truth of sleep

“The post-90s account for half of the sales of melatonin”, “69% of the post-00s Going to bed after 12 o’clock in the evening””Under the pressure of involution, more than 20% of people even buy melatonin in the middle of the night”…

On the past 3.21 World Sleep Day, ZAKER News and Australian Professionals The nutrition brand Nature’s Way has released a set of latest sleep data, which makes the truth that Chinese people suffer from sleep problems nakedly presented to the public.

As ZAKER News and Austrawei, co-sponsored by “2021-2022 Don’t Sleep” Youth Healthy Sleep Survey” series. Based on the reading data of ZAKER news APP users in the past year and the sales data of Autrawei melatonin products, the two parties conducted data analysis and user surveys on the sleeping habits, sleep time trends, causes of insomnia, etc. of young people. In-depth excavation; aims to arouse the awareness and attention of the whole people on the importance of sleep health, and jointly advocate healthy sleep.

Based on the data, on the 3.21 World Sleep Day, the two parties jointly released a report – ” Sleepless Youth Health White Paper.

Aiming at the “freedom of sleep” issue of national concern, “White Paper on the Health of Youth Without Sleep” With detailed data, it shows the truth of “the younger you are, the later you sleep”, and it directly points to the biggest reason for young people’s lack of sleep freedom, that is, the harm of “not being able to sleep, but habitually staying up late”; and intimately gave professional advice .

The reason behind the large number of first-hand Autravit melatonin sales data in the report The occupation and consumption time distribution of insomniacs, such as: most people who are troubled by sleep have time to buy melatonin after 10 p.m., migrant workers buy the most melatonin, researchers who forget to eat and sleep… More profoundly revealed The human reality in the truth of sleep.

Synchronized with the report, on March 23, the ZAKER community synchronously launched # if you can’t sleep, please speak out # User topic collection activity, to encourage users who are deeply troubled by sleep to share their sleep stories, Pay attention to sleep health.

As soon as the event was launched, it triggered the young people in first- and second-tier cities in ZAKER. The main users participated enthusiastically. On the day of the launch, 100+ users participated in the topic discussion; “, “House, car, wife and children, and four children in life are all heavy responsibilities. Anxiety of adults starts from insomnia”, “Emo for adults is late at night, so these few hours are their own. “… Every message is the anxiety and distress of an insomniac who has nowhere to rest.

Participating screenshots of users

Around “Youth Without Sleep” Topics, March 23 – March 31During the day, ZAKER’s official Weibo also launched a #Young, why don’t you sleep # topic collection on the Weibo channel with Ao Cuiwei, to stimulate young people to participate in sleep topic discussions and help healthy sleep.

# Young people, why don’t you sleep# Micro topic

Screenshot of ZAKER’s official Weibo activity

When insomnia becomes a national health hazard, how to save migrant workers’ “sleep freedom”?

“It’s a long night, I don’t want to sleep, I thought I was the only one who couldn’t sleep, so you can’t sleep either, Miss Jingjing.” This is a classic line by Stephen Chow in “Journey to the West”, Now is the moment of daily portrayal of young people;

The average Chinese people sleep less than 7 hours In 2019, 93% of the national population had sleep problems, among them, the post-90s young people aged 18-30 accounted for half of the sales of melatonin… Whether it was the sudden death of the star Gao Yixiang in 2019, or the big news that has been on the hot search in the past two years In the sudden death of factory employees, 90% of the sudden death of young people, cerebral hemorrhage and myocardial infarction are related to the lack of sleep time. People with sleep time between 6.5 and 7.4 hours have the lowest mortality rate, while those with a sleep time of less than 4.5 hours or more than 9.5 hours. Mortality doubled. A series of health problems caused by lack of sleep and sleep problems have become the biggest health hazards of young people.

And when “sleep late” and “sleep short” become common social problems, sleep freedom is not only a personal issue, but also a national development.

According to relevant data, the United States has the largest economic loss due to lack of sleep, about 411 billion US dollars (about 2.6 trillion yuan) per year, accounting for 2.28% of GDP, while Japan is caused by sleep problems. The economic loss accounted for the largest proportion of GDP, reaching 2.92%. To this end, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has listed lack of sleep as a “public health problem”; Japan has introduced a transformational policy and spent millions of dollars to encourage small and medium-sized enterprises to implement a “minimum rest period”.

Whether from the perspective of personal health or the perspective of national development, the problem of national sleep health has increasingly become a major problem that restricts Chinese people from going to a better life.

In this sense, this event not only reflects the ” Providing professional nutrition guidance to millions of families around the world “to take on the brand social responsibility”; it also coincides with the health concept of Autrawei “advocating the way of nature, living a healthy and happy life, and being a better self”.

As an industry-leading brand with a history of more than 75 years, Austravit has a complete adult basic vitamin nutrition series, beauty collagen series, and functional gummies series that lead the fashion of the supplement industry; We will continue to use patented technology to provide consumers with healthy sleep nutrition products, such as the first sugar-free sleep gummies certified by Australia’s TGA, which condense professional nutrition and deliciousness in one gummy to help millions of consumers sleep soundly and healthily.

At the same time, as the co-producers of the “White Paper on the Health of Young People Who Don’t Sleep”, ZAKER and Ausuiwei also hope that through the report, more and more young people will bid farewell to “being the champion of staying up late in the circle of friends”, “doing The night watchman of the Internet” really cultivates the healthy sleep concept of “freedom of sleep is not the freedom to stay up late if you want to stay up late, but the freedom to not stay up late if you don’t want to stay up late”.

Finally, through the report, ZAKER and Austrawei also once again called on the public to pay attention to sleep health and sent 2022 Sleep Tips:

[Source: ZAKER]