50% discount for extended stay at the original hotel, providing 7-day board and lodging for 2,845 stranded airport passengers… Just now, there is a huge amount of information about this conference in Sanya, Hainan!

On the afternoon of August 7, Sanya City, Hainan Province held a press conference to introduce the latest situation of epidemic prevention and control.

Introduced at the press conference, The current round of epidemic situation in Sanya is still in a period of high rise, and the virus variant strain The transmission ability is strong, the transmission speed is faster, and the epidemic prevention and control situation is complicated and severe. It is hoped that the general public and tourists will strictly abide by various prevention and control measures such as closed management. Work.

Half-price discount for stranded tourists on the basis of staying at the original hotel

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On August 6, about 3,800 people were stranded at the airport due to flight cancellations. Sanya City promptly transferred the stranded tourists in 89 batches to 11 hotels in the urban area. The municipal party committee and the municipal government have set up a special work class to be responsible for accommodation arrangements for stranded tourists, nucleic acid testing, purchasing of living materials, and special services for the elderly and young.

It is required to actively cooperate with relevant government departments to provide reception services for stranded tourists, and not to drive up housing prices, increase housing prices in disguise, or refuse tourists to continue their stay. Tourists will be given a half-price discount on the basis of the original hotel room rate (that is, the room rate that has been checked in on the 5th), and new visitors will be given a half-price discount based on the lowest price announced on Ctrip’s official website. For tourists Provide a comfortable and comfortable accommodation environment.

The State Council’s joint prevention and control mechanism requires tourists to leave the island after completing the seven-day risk investigation and assessing no risk. Please pay close attention to the specific policy requirements. The epidemic information released by official media such as “Sanya Release” and “Sanya Daily” does not believe in, spread or spread rumors. Answer the questions raised by tourists patiently. For uncertain questions, you should immediately consult 12345 or the tourism and cultural department, and do not pass wrong information to tourists.

According to Legal Daily, it is currently the peak summer tourism season, and the sudden outbreak of the epidemic has brought a lot of inconvenience to tourists. There were 25,000 tourists in the Sanya hotel. In order to effectively relieve and appease the stranded tourists and effectively protect the legitimate rights and interests of tourists, relief measures have been introduced.

Liu Cheng, deputy director of the Hainan Provincial Department of Tourism, Culture, Radio, Television and Sports, said that for hotels that have received stranded tourists, in August Within 7 days from the 6th, the stay will be renewed at a 50% discount of the original stay price (including three meals), and the cost of renewal will be borne by the staying tourists. If tourists choose not to stay at the original hotel, they can choose from the list of hotels in the region (announced different types of hotels), The price of staying in the same room type within 7 days from August 6 will be based on the original price 50% off, Transportation of hotel tourists will be guaranteed by the transportation department. If the 50% discount reflected by the hotel is not enough to support the cost and other issues, the city and district tourism and cultural departments will negotiate with the hotel to provide appropriate subsidies.

Liu Cheng said that on August 6, the 2,845 passengers who were stranded at Sanya Phoenix Airport had been settled in

strong>11 hotels including Wyndham Sanya Bay Lihe, Howard Johnson Guoguang Resort, Intime Resort, Dadonghai Hotel, Dadonghai Barui Boutique Hotel, etc., and provide 7-day hotel accommodation service.

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Refinement of temporary global static management measures

First, the city’s community, Enterprises and institutions in villages and communities implement closed management. They do not go out, do not move, or gather unless necessary. Staff related to ensuring people’s livelihood, supply, basic urban operation and epidemic prevention and control can enter and exit with valid certificates. If there are critically ill patients, pregnant and lying-in women, etc. who urgently need medical treatment, they will be implemented according to the emergency treatment mechanism and treated in a timely manner through the green channel.

Second, except for public and basic service enterprises that guarantee citizens’ lives and the basic operation of the city, all other business places are temporarily closed. We will adopt multiple formats and modes to ensure the supply of daily necessities, encourage entrusted merchants to purchase daily necessities and distribute them centrally, establish special service guarantee teams in villages and communities, set up warm-hearted service hotlines, and respond to the demands of the masses in a timely manner.

Third, the operation of buses, taxis and online car-hailing is suspended. Guarantee the passage of vehicle certificates related to the basic operation of the city and epidemic prevention and control.

Fourth, the cadres and employees of government agencies, enterprises and institutions, except for the basic operation personnel of the protection agencies, all sink to the front line of communities, communities, and villages. Obey the unified deployment of grassroots party organizations, enrich grassroots prevention and control forces, and participate in epidemic prevention and control.

The fifth is to ask all citizens and tourists to obey the arrangement of the community, and go to the designated place to participate in the nucleic acid test at the designated time, so as to complete the inspection as required. , leaving no one behind. Everyone must take personal protection.

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