4 times of chemotherapy is useless! The young man had a “big tumor” in his chest and received a “thank you letter” from his family after the successful operation

Paper is short and long! I am very moved to receive a handwritten thank you letter from the patient, and I feel warm in my heart~

The following is a thank-you letter from the patient’s family:

I am Huang.., a patient from the thoracic surgery department of your hospital. I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to Dr. Qiao Jingmin of your hospital and his medical team!

I am 26 years old this year. I went to the doctor for chest pain at the beginning of the year and was diagnosed with a mediastinal tumor. I was sent to many hospitals in the city, and medical treatment was recommended because of the high risk of surgery.

When my family and I were on the verge of despair, we saw the expert introduction of Dr. Qiao Jinggong in your hospital on the Internet. After learning about the consequences of my condition, the doctor agreed to perform surgical resection for me. He said, “You are still young, and you must undergo surgery to completely remove the tumor.”

Hearing this, we immediately saw the light of hope.

I was admitted to the hospital on September 19. Dr. Qiao had a serious consultation with the doctors in the relevant departments of your hospital, and formulated a detailed surgical plan. Responsibility cleanly removed the tumor for me, saved my life and my family, and is currently recovering well after surgery.

Sounds of thanks can’t express our gratitude to Dr. Qiao, so let this letter briefly express our gratitude to Dr. Qiao’s team and all the medical staff in the thoracic surgery inpatient department Respect. We admire their work enthusiasm and work attitude. They are worthy of being angels in white, and they are proud and proud of having such a good doctor in your hospital.


I was also impressed by this case, and I even recorded a video after the operation a few days ago.

A 26-year-old young man was diagnosed with a huge tumor in the anterior mediastinum due to chest pain. After 4 chemotherapy treatments, the tumor did not shrink.

I saw that the tumor was indeed very large, and it was very closely adhered to the lungs, the superior vena cava, and the aorta.

Such an operation is very dangerous!

1. Consider that the heart and large blood vessels that may be invaded by the tumor may cause massive bleeding during the operation;

2. It is necessary to consider that the tumor may not be cut cleanly and the surgical effect is not good.

So we had a multidisciplinary MDT consultation. After we discussed with the chemotherapists, radiotherapy physicians, surgeons, and anesthesiologists, we felt that there was still a chance for surgery.

Although it is dangerous and difficult, this patient is only 26 years old, and there is no metastases in the whole body. The development of thymoma is relatively slow. Therefore, as long as the surgery can be cleaned, or the vast majority of them can be cleaned, His survival must have been very helpful.

After careful preparation, we removed the tumor very completely, removed part of the pericardium that had invaded by the tumor, repaired some blood vessels, and folded the diaphragm.

I feel very satisfied and happy, a young guy in his 20s, I hope he can be completely cured.

Finally, I would like to thank my friends for their trust and support!