34-year-old actress Jiang Chen moved to the United States! Without a green card, I can only rent a house. I dare not go out at night for fear of being robbed.

Recently, actress Jiang Chen posted a video on social platforms to tell everyone about her life in the United States. It is said that she has been in the United States for a year or two and has many inconveniences.

If you want to rent a house in the United States, you need a social security number, but Jiang Chen does not have a green card, so you can only find some renting houses. The landlord is more talkative. In addition, unlike the domestic live-in package, the rental house in the United States is unfurnished, just a vacant room, so she needs to buy furniture and electrical appliances by herself, and she has to move the furniture when she can’t live, which is another huge expense. .

In addition, there is another inconvenience, that is, ordering takeaway. Jiang Chen revealed that the take-out there needs to be booked one day in advance, which is very inconvenient, and it is often necessary to think about what to eat tomorrow.

Then Jiang Chen also shared an embarrassing thing. As we all know, tipping is usually required when eating locally. Jiang Chen thought that the standard for tip was 10%. After leaving the tip, the waiter chased after her and stopped her, asking for a tip of 18%. Jiang Chen repeatedly apologized and made up the tip.

At the end of the video, Jiang Chen said that the country is really good, and now he doesn’t dare to be in the United States at night go out. Because a friend told her that when a person was running in the morning, two people robbed him, and he didn’t have any money with him, and then he was killed.

Jiang Chen was very frightened after hearing this story. He would not go out at night if he could not go out, even if he had to go out, It can be said that it is quite cautious to carry a few dozen dollars on the body.

However, Jiang Chen’s remarks also caused controversy among netizens, saying that “what takeaway needs to be taken a day in advance” “a lot of Bloggers who go abroad all say that the country is good, why not come back.” Jiang Chen did not answer these questions directly, and only recommended takeaway software.

Speaking of our domestic and foreign star artists are not few, just not long ago, the famous singer Fei Xiang rarely posted himself Living in London, he said that the weather has recently reached the highest temperature in history, but there is no air conditioner in his mansion. He can only blow an electric fan at home, and he looks very miserable with two cats. .

In any case, the choice is in your own hands, and I hope Jiang Chen can find his own piece of the world. However, the golden den and the silver den are not as good as the kennel. People in a foreign country hope to take good care of themselves.