30 old photos that won’t appear in history textbooks, each one is unique

30 old photos that won’t appear in history textbooks, each one is unique!

In 1954, the Miss Universe pageant was held in Long Beach, Los Angeles. The famous beau couldn’t resist the sun and fainted, and the other beauties looked at it and smiled (do you think there is one less opponent?)

Soviet exaggeration in the 1920s, pigs race elephants! But the “pig” in the picture is fake, don’t take it seriously.

Someone may have seen this photo. The hat on the left is Putin the Great. Looking cold at a young age…

1929 American female college students listened to the lecture on sex, and all of them opened their eyes in shock. You can imagine what they saw.

Pastor Vernon Michel talking to strippers Which performance segments need to be deleted.

German children after World War I are playing because of hyperinflation Banknotes that have become worthless.

US woman arrested for supplying illegal alcohol during Prohibition.

1954 German Messerschmidt KR175 three-wheeled car.

“Facekini” was not invented in China, it was invented in Europe in 90 It was there many years ago.

The tallest man in history (271 cm), standing next to with his brother (180 cm).

In 1912, people were boarding the Titanic. Now it’s time for Jack to show up and board the ship with the ticket he’s won just before the ship leaves.

The Beatles were also little fresh meat, 1963.

The man found the largest gold ore ever found.

Where are the presidents? In 1927, what it looked like in front of the statue of the President of the United States at Mount Rushmore!

1964 Japanese office workers were really Alexander, but at the same time Their economy is also starting to take off.

It’s not acrobatics, it’s British electricians in 1918 , really can play!

The 1981 wedding of Prince Charles and Princess Diana of the century. Including the Queen next to her, she did not expect that Princess Diana would die in 16 years.

1963, Georgia, Stalin’s hometown. Khrushchev and Castro each had a horn cup and sipped a glass of vodka.

There are such boring people – selling snowballs! The point is that someone still buys it! This was the state of America in 1983.

1910 Michelin mascot.

In the 1944 Battle of Saipan, an American soldier and A goat eats bananas, what a lovely picture!

Patients with intensive phobia do not look! In 1964, the main building of the Chase Manhattan Bank headquarters was completed.

The Philosopher’s Nude – Freud and Jung after a sauna with friends, 1907.

1953 Las Vegas, a mother with a child Watch nukes explode.

Fu Erdai VS Diaosi: England in 1937 , a few poor children look at the clothes of rich children and are very envious.

A destitute young man – Chaplin in 1916 before he became famous.

Yuri Gagarin was the first man on earth to go into space, and after he became famous, ladies everywhere he went Cast an admiring look. But Gagarin was short-lived and died in a plane accident at the age of 34.

mailing children business. In 1913, some states in the United States popularized mailing children. For example, parents had no time to send their children to their grandparents’ homes, so they let the postman send them. But the business was banned shortly after.