259 new confirmed cases in Hainan on August 7

This article is reprinted from: Guangming.com

We learned from the Hainan Provincial Health Commission that from 0-24:00 on August 7, 2022, 259 new local confirmed cases (including asymptomatic) were added in Hainan Province. 33 confirmed cases), including 186 in Sanya City (including 30 asymptomatic transferred confirmed cases), 32 in Danzhou City, 10 in Lingshui County (including 1 asymptomatic transferred confirmed case), and 8 in Wanning City , 6 cases in Chengmai County, 4 cases in Haikou City, 3 cases in Dongfang City, 3 cases in Lingao County, 2 cases in Qionghai City, 2 cases in Ledong County (including 1 case of asymptomatic transferred confirmed cases), 1 case in Changjiang County, 1 case in Ding’an County, 1 case in Wuzhishan City (asymptomatic converted confirmed case); 245 new local asymptomatic infections, including 227 cases in Sanya City, 9 cases in Lingshui County, 5 cases in Danzhou City, and 1 case in Wanning City 1 case in Qionghai City, 1 case in Ding’an County, and 1 case in Wuzhishan City.

From 0:00 on August 1, 2022 to 24:00 on August 7, Hainan has reported a total of 982 local confirmed cases and 449 local asymptomatic infections.