22-year-old man self-extracted trichiasis and caused conjunctival ulcer

Changjiang Daily Wuhan Client, August 3rd (Correspondent Peng Jinyun and Wu Xiaomin) 22-year-old Xiao Sun suffered from conjunctival ulcers due to self-extraction of trichiasis. On August 2, after a treatment review, Xiao Sun Lianlian, who found that his condition had eased, said that he would not pull out trichiasis by himself in the future.

According to Xiao Sun, last week, he felt a little itchy in his left eye. He looked in the mirror and found that there were a few eyelashes in his left eye that were growing upside down towards the eyeball. Rebel’ eyelashes are plucked out, and the eyes are no longer itchy. He wanted to unplug it and everything would be fine, but he didn’t expect that that day, Xiaosun’s left eye was red and painful, and he couldn’t open his eyes at all, so he hurried to Hanyang Aier Eye Hospital to seek the help of a doctor.

After careful inspection by Dr. Xu Man, deputy chief physician of the Department of Ocular Surface and Corneal Diseases of the hospital, it was found that the nasal conjunctiva and lower eyelid conjunctiva of Xiaosun’s left eye were heavily congested, and the conjunctiva was ulcerated. Fortunately, the emergency was more timely. , without much impact on vision. Director Xu Man immediately gave Xiao Sun drug treatment and told him to review it on time. Three days later, when Xiaosun went to the hospital for a re-examination, the redness and pain in his eyes were relieved.

Director Xu Man is examining the patient.

Trichiasis is an abnormality of eyelid eyelashes, which refers to the abnormal growth direction of eyelashes, which is inverted to the cornea. Many people in life are no strangers to trichiasis, and even many people think that it is enough to pull out the trichiasis by themselves, but they do not know that pulling out the trichiasis by itself may lead to infection or inflammation. Director Xu Man said that in daily outpatient clinics, there are often cases of inflammation and infection caused by self-pulling eyelashes at home, and even many parents personally go into battle to pull out trichiasis for their children at home, which eventually leads to serious damage to their children’s eyesight.

Director Xu Man reminded the general public that it is not advisable to pull out trichiasis at home. Pulling out trichiasis by yourself in a non-medical and sanitary environment may easily lead to infection and inflammation of the hair follicles. Secondly, this is a way to cure the symptoms and not the root cause. Although pulling out the eyelashes by yourself can alleviate it, the new eyelashes that grow after pulling out will be thicker and harder, and the friction and stimulation to the cornea will be greater, which is more likely to cause problems such as corneal damage. If the amount of inverted eyelashes is small, you can go to the hospital to destroy the hair follicles with electrolysis of hair follicles, and the trichiasis will no longer grow or seldom grow again. If the number of inverted eyelashes is large or accompanied by entropion, the inverted eyelashes irritate the eyeball, and even cause conjunctival congestion and inflammation, etc., you should go to a professional eye hospital for corrective surgery as soon as possible to avoid scratching the eyeball and affecting vision. There are many surgical methods for trichiasis treatment, and symptomatic treatment is mainly based on the cause of trichiasis.

[Editor: Yu Lina]

[Source: Changjiang Daily – Changjiang Net]