2 times warmer, 5 pounds thinner, more and more addictive!

How are your friends from the north?

This wave of cooling is too sudden, It’s really cold!

Short-sleeves go out happily during the day, but freeze into a dog and curse at night.

When cooling is inevitable, how can your wardrobe stand still!

If you’re looking for an outfit that is very versatile and comfortable for fall and winter, look no further than a bottoming shirt.

A Effortless Chic is a Effortless Chic that is full of ambience and looks good in any casual fashion.

Basically everyone has more than one bottoming shirt in their wardrobe.

No fancy designs, but it’s the Dinghaishenzhen in my wardrobe.

A simple primer can make Hepburn intellectual and charming.

What’s a more stylish item than a bottoming shirt? No!

With panacea oil, “lazy man” bi-preparation shenzhen.

But the bottoming shirt is also very strange.

Some people can look stylish with just a few of them, while others feel like they have to go downstairs to take out the trash.

This kind of simple single product must be type and fabric both without losing the chain, in order to wear it with a sense of fashion~

As a fan of bottoming shirts, today I must let you, You can look good in whatever you wear!

Xiaohongdou has finally found this chic to bursting bottoming shirt for you!

X.D.SALLY’s base layer not only shows lean meat and keeps warm and comfortable, but also has real good material and good shape >.

Sisters who pursue quality must start!

Price We also talked about the price of Meimei’s cabbage, which is so powerful and capricious~

You can skip a cup of milk tea in autumn, and A bottoming shirt in autumn must be done!

This fall and winter, don’t worry about what to wear!

Tweet to hand From 69 yuan, buy 2 get 1 pair of socks (random color)~

X.D.SALLY Bottoming Shirts

Mei Yabi wool/De velvet two options

Special sale starting from 69 yuan, multi-color optional, D brand quality

(Shipping from October 8th, mind taking pictures carefully)

Poke the image to enter

With peace of mind, wear a supermodel feel in one second

First let me show you why you need to wear a bottoming shirt?

Because I can’t find fashion items that so good value for money anymore!

Whether it’s single or internal, it looks great.

Workers’ treasure, you can wear a giao class feeling without much effort.

Worn alone, casual. Layered for layered.

If you wear it casually, it is a street D film.

Brown base and a simple pair of jeans will give you a cool urban feel.

@beautiful real shot

Change to a gentle long skirt of the same color, which is the kind of literary art in the bones.

If you want to hold the tone, try wearing a loose shirt that is half open. This is the favorite way to wear it.

Create a layered giao-level sense through various stacking.

Not to mention coats, windbreakers, cardigans… these are all-encompassing CPs, and they look good when they are set up.

You don’t have to rack your brains about what to wear every day when you go out, you can’t go wrong with just one piece~

Cost-effective, malleable, and timeless!

The very good deal we talked about this time, you don’t have to worry about the stars, even if you are all in, it won’t hurt~ p>

X.D.SALLY Bottoming Shirts

Mei Yabi wool/De velvet two options

Special sale starting from 69 yuan, multi-color optional, D brand quality

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Mei Yabi wool and silk turtleneck bottoming shirt

·D brandfit, Tibetan meat is thin·

I believe that many people have stepped on these pits on their bottoming shirts.

collapsed, fatter…

Good fit! It is the soul of the bottoming shirt. It can show curvaceous beauty and xiu slim body.

We were amazed when we got this high collar base! It’s so beautiful~

Can wrap the body just right, but not snug, understated and delicate.

@beautiful real shot

Clear cut, which makes it stand out without being too clunky, and has a beautiful waistline.

Some slightly overweight stars may worry that the bottoming shirt will make them look fat.

But this one has subtle vertical stripes that visually elongate, making the body look slimmer .

Whoever wears it is beautiful! Seemingly unremarkable, the upper body the effect is great~

Stackable, wearable alone, Maximum practicality.

Across spring, autumn and winter,one piece can be worn for three seasons.

@beautiful real shot

Half turtleneck design to warm your neck and keep it from freezing.

The north wind is hula-la, which needs both wind and temperature.

The neckline has plenty of room, easy to put on and take off, and the stars with thick necks don’t worry about the problem of neck stuck~

·shen fairy fabric, soft and waxy to the touch

Its bottoming shirt is one-piece seamless, the upper body is lighter and more textured~

The fabric has also made great efforts, using Mei Yabi’s ultra-denier fiber.

@Brand Party

Silk and wool join forces.

Wool is warm and mulberry silk is soft and elastic.

This soft and waxy touch is like a second layer of skin~

Light and soft, it is warm and breathable to wear.

@beautiful real shot

It’s like putting on a layer of gentle armor~

for you in the cold weather

It is a comfortable feeling surrounded by clouds.

Even on a cold and windy day, it is like bring your own little sun, keeping you warm.

@beautiful real shot

Strong and Inclusive. Even if you pull hard, you can easily rebound~

@beautiful real shot

We have selected 7 versatile colors, low saturation, no skin picking at all!

Especially solid colors like black or khaki are good CP, no matter what style of coats and bottoms, it can be easily matched.


Be sure to buy more colors for the bottoming shirt.

When you open your wardrobe to choose a match, you’ll know You don’t hate your clothes when they’re ready for use~

Mei Yabi wool and silk turtleneck bottoming shirt

Daily price is 99, Tweet is only 79 yuan

Seven colors available, buy two and get a pair of socks

Rongneck turtleneck bottoming shirt

This velvet bottoming shirt is more casual and easy easier to care for than Merabee wool.

There are also round necks and high necks, with two neckline styles to choose from, meeting more wearing needs.

@beautiful real shot

The exposed area of the round neck is larger, and the upper body is more air feeling~

@beautiful real shot

High collar natural loose chi stacking, without losing giao class feeling.

@beautiful real shot

The shape seems to be ordinary, but with a little small thinking on the shoulders, a displaced shoulder line is made. design.

@beautiful real shot

Even if you don’t have much matching skills, you can fashion soaring~

@beautiful real shot

This velvet base is also made from a blend of 67% cellulose, 26% acrylic and 7% spandex.

Anti-zhou softsoft, absolutely perfect.

@beautiful real shot

This material is not only comfortable and breathable to wear, but also drapes well and has a stylish upper body.

Smooth as silk, look at this silky smooth~

@beautiful real shot

Slippery, like a satin across the skin tactile feeling, really pleasing~

@beautiful real shot

Extraordinarily accommodating and elastic, you can easily carry 90 to 150 pounds!

@beautiful real shot

This kind of underwear, many people worry about the problem of Y bacteria.

This, of course, has been taken into account!

Strict detection of Y bacteria AAA before leaving the factory.

After washing the samples for 50 times, the Yi bacteria rates of Coli J, Candida albicans J and Staphylococcus aureus J can be much higher than the technical requirements~

@Brand Party

The important thing is that you have no daily maintenance troubles at all~

How many times does it pill?

No! no! no!

There is no pilling under this heavy friction, but it is too durable.

Pilling? torn? I’m not afraid~

Intimate clothing like this should be washed once a day, and the details must be taken care of.

Look at this seam crimp, strong and strong.

@beautiful real shot

Each edge is fine and rigorous, and at a glance, you can tell that the factory is exquisite craftsmanship.

Wash multiple times without worrying about washing and loosening the edges of your clothes.

After all, it is really distressing to buy one piece for dozens of dollars!

Both inside and outside, with a high matching rate, I can’t say it without one piece~

Rongneck turtleneck bottoming shirt

The daily price is 89, Tweet is only 69 yuan

6 colors available, buy two and get a pair of socks (random color)

(Shipping from October 8th, mind taking pictures carefully)

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