Should you eat fruit immediately after a meal?

The question of “Should I eat fruit right after a meal” seems to be a constant problem. There are many people who think that fruit should not be eaten after meals because it affects nutrient absorption and fat accumulation. In fact, whether you should eat fruit immediately after a meal depends on how full you are after a meal.

If you eat fruit when you are not full after a meal, it will not affect the operation of the digestive system. Moreover, the main component of fruit is water, and its content is generally above 85%. Also much easier than many other foods.

But some people still ask, “Will the fruit eaten after a meal not be blocked in the stomach by the food eaten before, hindering the digestion of the food and causing bloating or constipation?” This It’s time to understand how our stomach works and how it works. The stomach is a part of the digestive system of humans and vertebrates. It is an organ that stores and digests food. It is connected to the esophagus and the duodenum below. The stomach is like a large container, and the food that enters the stomach is in no order. Although the volume of our stomach is only 35-50ml on an empty stomach, it has the function of receptive relaxation. The volume can be increased to 1000-1500ml. Also, the main function of the stomach is to grind large pieces of food into small pieces, and to mix the food with stomach acid through the peristalsis of the stomach to push the chyme into the small intestine at a speed that does not exceed the buffering capacity of the small intestinal fluid, so it does not affect the digestion of the small intestine ability to cause indigestion.

But if you eat fruit after you’re full, you run the risk of becoming obese. When the food you eat has reached the body’s calorie needs, eating fruits at this time will cause excess calories and make people fat.

Therefore, if you are not full after a meal, you can eat fruit in moderation. If you are full, it is recommended to eat fruit after a meal.

The author of this issue: Liu Xiaoting

Editor: Jiang Tingting

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