168 weight loss, 5:2 light fasting, every other day fasting strategy

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168 fasting, 5:2 light fasting, alternate-day fasting and other intermittent fasting methods are many In addition to controlling the eating time, how to consider the physical condition and choose the right food?

Today, I will take you to understand how to perform fasting and lose weight, and what details to pay attention to, in order to lose weight healthily and not gain weight.

Many people on the Internet will advocate the fasting and weight loss method they implement, and share their weight loss The ideal body weight will also make the body healthier, but everyone’s physical state is different, please be sure to consider your own physical state and schedule first, and learn to choose a fasting method that suits you!

Intermittent Fasting

1.168 Weight Loss

It belongs to the “daily cycle fasting method”, which is a cycle of fasting and eating on a daily basis.

168 fasting means that you can eat 8 hours a day, and the rest Fast for 16 hours and only drink water, unsweetened green tea or black coffee.

Suitable for: People with regular life and rest and relatively fixed eating habits.

2, 5:2 light fasting< /strong>

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It belongs to the “weekly fasting method”, which is an intermittent fasting cycle in units of one week.

5:2 fasting means that you can eat normally for 5 days a week. Choose 2 days of low-calorie intake, men only ingest 600 calories a day; women only 500 calories a day.

Suitable for: Groups whose daily eating time is not fixed, it is recommended to use weekly fasting, You can choose to fast on holidays or days with less activity.

3., alternate day fasting

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Eat normally one day, fast the next day or limit the intake of calories to less than 500 calories.

Suitable for: If you are “people who often eat big meals”, you can choose the next day Fasting to balance.

For those who are more motivated to lose fat, they can also challenge fasting for two days, but they must Execute according to individual physical condition.

It is recommended by nutritionists that fasting should not exceed 48 hours at most. The body is in a state of hunger for a long time, which may reduce concentration; the state of low blood sugar may also cause fainting. If you want to challenge fasting for more than 48 hours, you must do it with regular monitoring of your physical state.

Intermittent fasting focuses not only on shortening eating times, but also on “food choices” and “Water intake” is very important! Combined with exercise, the fat loss effect will be more significant.

Many people do not lose weight after fasting, or regain weight after returning to a normal diet. Nutritionists have analyzed the reasons for many reasons:

(1) Excessive calorie intake or insufficient basal metabolic rate when eating,

(2) Not matched with correct food choices,

(3) Wrong fasting time (eating time exceeds 20:00),

(4) Disorders of work and rest can easily lead to failure of fasting or weight gain, but the main reason for most people’s failure is “eating disorder”.

Three strategies for intermittent fasting

1. Eat enough calories and drink more water< /p>

< p data-track="55">Insufficient calorie intake and failure to eat basal metabolic rate will cause weight loss to stagnate or be easy to regain weight, and very low-calorie diet will cause nutritional deficiencies, which may lead to constipation, menopause, loss of weight and other symptoms.

When losing weight or sweating a lot, you need to supplement “weight x40” The converted water intake, do not drink more than 500ml of water within an hour, it may cause a burden on the kidneys, it is recommended to add 200~300ml of water in 1 hour.

Drinking enough water can help the body to metabolize and also Reduce hunger.

2. Choose food with healthy plates

Choose the right food, and you can restore your normal diet without gaining weight.

Eat less rice, noodles, toast, cakes, etc. Refined starch, choose “natural prototype, high dietary fiber” food (sweet potato, oatmeal, grain rice) to enhance satiety.

It is recommended that everyone take the prototype food as the basis, take a balanced intake of six types of food, and pay attention to each This kind of food is suitable for one’s own portion, which makes it easier for the fasting method to achieve twice the result with half the effort.

3. Maintain muscle mass with exercise

Schedule exercise during meals, because fasting exercise may reduce exercise efficiency, and people who are fasting before exercise can eat some carbohydrates (rice balls, energy bars, etc.) that are well absorbed.

You can choose aerobics when you start exercising. When your body gets used to the amount of exercise, you may experience weight loss. During the stagnant period, you can change your exercise habits and add core exercises or heavy training. In addition to increasing muscle mass, you can also improve your basal metabolism, which will help you get through the stagnant period of weight loss!

Nutritionists also recommend eating within 30 minutes after exercising. At this time, add more protein. Muscles can be repaired without worrying about accumulating fat.

It is best not to eat more than 2 hours after exercise, Eating at this time, the food utilization rate is higher.

Groups not suitable for intermittent fasting

“Stomach ulcers, puberty, pregnant women andNursing people” are not suitable for fasting and weight loss, because these groups need to consume enough nutrients and calories to provide themselves or their developing fetuses.

People with binge eating disorder or retaliatory eating are not suitable for fasting to lose weight method, because the craving for food cannot be controlled, the use of fasting can be counterproductive.

Patients with diabetes, high blood pressure or hyperlipidemia can fast, but those with diabetes may suffer from glycemic control. It is not easy, and you need to pay special attention during fasting. You can discuss the implementation method with a professional doctor or nutritionist.

The effectiveness of fasting varies from person to person, the key lies in the “food choices” during fasting and “calorie control”.

Only controlled eating time, but did not change eating habits, Still uncontrolled overeating or choosing high-calorie foods, even if the eating time is shortened and the fasting every other day is longer, it may be ineffective to lose weight.

If you want to lose weight or improve your posture, you must really understand When fasting and choosing a “healthy diet”, you must also consider your physical state, and don’t force it.

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