15 cases were filed and 352,300 yuan was fined! Zhuhai Market Supervision Launches Special Action to Crack down on Pension Fraud

In order to further regulate the market order of “food” and “health products” involving the elderly,< /p>

Protect the people’s “retirement money”,

The Municipal Market Supervision Bureau “Five Combinations” carried out in-depth

special action to crack down on pension fraud,

Achieving phased results.

01Online monitoring and offline

Relying on advertising monitoring and online transaction supervision platform, the elderly 17724Business entities,12170websites, 8110 Online stores are supervised and various advertising clues are monitoredmore than 4 million times; all businesses in the city that gather elderly people selling health care products are included in the scope of key rectification, and a total of law enforcement officers have been dispatched2020 person-times< /span>, 2301 related stores were searched.

02 Combination of mass mobilization and lead tracking

Extensively mobilize the masses, collect effective clues for combating and rectifying, accept complaints and reports from the masses, etc., actively carry out case source clues for key issues, key products, and key areas, and receive relevant clues for complaints span>From 25.

03 Combination of daily supervision and key inspection

Combined with the daily supervision and inspection of health food, medical equipment and other fields, conduct a comprehensive investigation of the “food” and “health product” business units involving the elderly in the city, go deep into the places where the elderly gather, and take on-site listening meetings , visits and surveys, interviews and other methods to comprehensively investigate the behavior of inducing the elderly to buy health care products by giving gifts, etc. A total of 2,301 related stores were investigated times.

04 Combination of “blocking, dredging and preventing” with severe crackdown

Adopt all-round measures of “blocking, evacuating, and preventing”, and strive to achieve early detection and early prevention of hidden dangers of fraud in the fields of “food” and “health care products” involving the elderly. Behavior is severely cracked down and investigated to the end. Since the operation started, a total of 41 clues of suspected pension fraud have been investigated 100% complete remediation. Investigate and deal with suspected pension fraud cases15 cases, fines and confiscations352,300 yuan.

05 “Treat the symptoms” and “cure the root cause”

Combine special rectification Combination of regular governance. Timely refine and summarize the effective experience and practices in the special action, and solidify them; formulate the “Regulations on Strengthening the Supervision of Health Food Warnings in the Production Process”, “Zhuhai City Advertisement Compliance Guidelines for Drugs, Medical Devices, Health Foods, and Formula Foods for Special Medical Purposes”, “Zhuhai The Municipal Market Supervision and Administration Bureau’s rules and regulations such as the Work System for Pension Fraud Complaints and Reports (Provisional)” have comprehensively improved the ability and level of combating and rectifying pension fraud, and established a long-term permanent governance system.

Source: Credit Risk Supervision Section of Zhuhai Market Supervision Administration

Editor: Zhuhai Market Supervision Team

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