【Travel Notes】The 6th OneBrick Area Festival in 2022

Author: Building Blocks


Another year has passed, before because of the epidemic , A lot of toy fairs have to be postponed, from March to August have not been held. Unexpectedly, the first building block-related exhibition I participated in was actually our local OB face base festival in Guangzhou.

As a local media, it must be supported. We also participated last year. If you want to see it, click here:

This year’s exhibition is scheduled for July 30-31, 2022, a Saturday and Sunday off.

What do you think about this year’s exhibition?

Go, keep up with the pace of the editor and find out!

Appearance of the venue

The front of the square is the display of the participating brands this time, and the main promotional image of this exhibition is only in the aisle of the elevator.

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< p>Moyu Building Blocks

The entrance to the main entrance is directly opposite the Moyu Building Blocks. Moyu is also holding a meeting with Moyu friends. As a netizen, I decided to get to know them. Although the main promotion is EVO’s two anime sports cars, but guess what I saw?

A three-cylinder magic car with electroplating paint exterior parts – Koenigsegg!

I wonder if it will come out? I don’t know if you will buy it?

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When you get off the elevator, you can see the main venue. Today is quite special. I actually found Canon Guangzhou branch to take some pictures. ‘s entry-level tutorial, which allows everyone to learn how to take pictures of their building blocks and toys more beautifully!

ps: Miss cos is here to help out, let everyone try the experience of the firefly exhibition!

< /img>


The exhibits brought by Zhegao brand this time are all mini particles!

My favorite street view series, it can be clearly seen that four street views in a row are approximately equal to the length of 3 normal street views.

In addition, it is worth paying attention to the Chinese version of “Lego Master”, the authorized product of the runner-up player (Geng Lei) in the first season. It is said that other styles will be launched in the future. Friends who like it can pay attention Oh.

Of course, many people are watching the retro products. I watched it on the spot. Originally, my mother or father took the children to watch toys, but seeing these retro products reminded parents of their childhood. Memories, they also miss their past in the process of introducing things to their children.

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Joyful Special

< p>A brand that I am not very familiar with, the parts are also very personalized.

It is worth mentioning that on the same day, it held a moc creative competition, using the parts of two large tables to create, and finally Judging, the champion is said to have 2,000 yuan!!!

There is actually a super-large area of ​​Humen Bridge, which is highly praised.

Little Luban

Xiao Luban’s recent products have all been upgraded with overall vi, and the outer box is really good-looking. I will post a new evaluation in a few days for everyone to take a look at.

Show 3 The big theme is mecha + aircraft carrier + World War II. The new batch of mecha is really good and looks great. It is understood that the aircraft carrier has gone through 10 years from 001 to 003!

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Across from the stage is Kaiyi’s brand display stand.


On the stage, is Senbao’s booth, several platforms to display military-themed products.

MOC Works

The booth is I-shaped, with the C position on the front, for these construction vehicles, there is a spotlight at the back, the lighting is really low, and the products are also It’s not looking good, I don’t know why!

Because when I went, these four cars were already sealed with acrylic boxes, I’m embarrassed to let the author take it out.

The display on the left side of the stage is as follows, among which I like this ice pier!

OB has a lot of mecha authors. There are many mecha works, and there are three guns in the back, all of which can be fired.

My favorite is this Gundam with a stand!

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On the opposite side of the stage is a scene, my dear, what kind of family can make a scene!

After that, there are a lot of works on military themes such as tanks. Then there are products such as trains, some of which are The product has been jointly launched with a domestic building block brand.

Mecha+Bus+ train

and then see some Something rather miraculous. Game machine, gashapon machine, mecha girl.

From the perspective of the on-site staff, 99% are boys, so the works are mainly designed by boys.


From the perspective of this display, it is obviously better than the previous one. In 2018, there were a lot fewer exhibits, and a lot more brands.

It gives me a personal feeling that it has gradually developed from a pure player gathering to a player’s ability to display works, and the brand has come to the author.

On the other hand, the Guangzhou Toy Fair, which has been going on for many years, has moved to Shenzhen to hold the meeting. To slowly develop another style of exhibition, maybe OB will become the first brother of the local exhibition in Guangzhou in the future.

The development of domestic building blocks depends on the joint efforts of you and me. Think about Russia, come on, Chinese building blocks!

Easter eggs

In addition to the cos girl called by Canon, there is a little brother who spontaneously cosplays (although I don’t know what anime character this is)

another one The highlight, there is actually a farmer’s mountain spring x OneBrick’s water!

That’s all for today

See you next time !