The magical Jiagdaqi, Inner Mongolia and Heilongjiang are both vying for its jurisdiction, why?

Jagedachi is new to me, I have only heard many rumors about it, but Never set foot on that land. This time, I took my wife on a self-driving trip in the northeastern frontier. When choosing the route from Mohe to Genhe, I decided to take the Jiamo Highway and pass through Jiagdaqi, just to take a look at it.

When I was approaching Jiagdaqi, the mobile phone received a welcome text message from Hulunbuir, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, but Most of the motor vehicles I have seen have license plates that start with black P, and few license plates that start with Mongolian characters. If people don’t know the inside story, they will definitely get dizzy. Why is this?

< strong>Originally, as the administrative center of the Greater Xing’an Mountains, Jiagdaqi is under the jurisdiction of Heilongjiang, but it is located in the Oroqen Autonomous Banner of Hulunbuir City, Inner Mongolia. Therefore, the city of Jiagedaqi is a magical city, and it is also the “best” cross-regional administrative center in China.

that day I We arrived at Jiagedaqi with my wife at noon, and we randomly found a restaurant for dinner. The familiar Northeastern cuisine and warm Northeastern people made us feel good about this mysterious and unfamiliar city. The owner of the restaurant chatted with me warmly, and it told the story of Jagdachi so vividly that it instantly made me feel that the city became more three-dimensional in my mind.

gag Daqi is located in the remnants of the Greater Khingan Mountains, which in Oroqen means the place where there are sycamore pine. Before the founding of the People’s Republic of China, only a few Russians and Oroqen hunters sauntered here. After the founding of the People’s Republic of China, the area was subordinate to the Oroqen Autonomous Banner of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.

In 1969, Inner Mongolia The Daxinganling forest area in the territory was placed under the management of Heilongjiang Province together with the Hulunbuir League at that time. Until 1979, the Hulunbuir League was re-incorporated into Inner Mongolia, but the Jiagedaqi in the Hulunbuir region could not be reinstated, because it has quietly developed into the political, economic, administrative center and transportation hub of the Greater Khingan Mountains >.

In the past 20 years, with the upgrading of Hulunbuir League to Hulunbuir City, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region and Hulunbuir City are eager to take back Jiagdaqi District, Songshan District Ling District Dual Jurisdiction.

But of course Heilongjiang Province does not agree with the request of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, because Heilongjiang Province has witnessed and achieved the development of Jiagdaqi. Today, Jiagdaqi has become the most prosperous central city in the Greater Khingan Mountains. My child has grown up, where would you be willing to give it away?

< strong>In addition, countless Heilongjiang people and their descendants came here for the development and construction of the Greater Khingan Mountains area and stayed here, regardless of their living habits or psychological identity, they considered themselves to be authentic Heilongjiang people. Therefore, it is a complex historical issue that Jiagdaqi has become a cross-regional administrative center.

Afterwards, I drove nearly Walked every main street in Jagdachi and it was so charming. The spacious streets, beautiful buildings, and beautiful environment make it worthy of the reputation of “Pearl of Forests”, “Xinxing Forest City” and “The First City of Xing’an”.

This time though I didn’t I lived in Jagdachi for a few days, but I deeply love this small town, it is really different and full of charm, and its story is particularly fascinating, and one day, I must come again. What do you think of Jagdachi? In time, will you come here to take a look?