Zhang Zhongjing’s first formula for nourishing yang, greatly nourishing yang, and driving away wind, cold, stasis, poison, and dampness all over the body

Hello everyone, I am Dr. Shen, As the saying goes, all diseases are born of cold, if there is insufficient Yang Qi in the body, it will lead to cold evil Health, qi and blood meridian stasis, thus causing various diseases, such as stomach cold stomach pain, liver cold headache, waist and leg pain, cervical spondylosis, arthritis, gastritis, etc., are all due to yang deficiency , caused by endogenous cold phlegm and stasis toxin, then today I will introduce a prescription to you, which can warm the whole body of Yang Qi and dispel the cold and stasis toxin of the whole body.

There is such a medical case, Mr. Zhu, 44 years old, main symptoms: gastritis , often feel cold pain in the stomach, hiccups, loss of appetite, and always cough , spitting white and thin sputum, feeling chest tightness and shortness of breath, sometimes dyspnea when lying down, which can only be relieved by sitting up.

After understanding, Mr. Zhu is also accompanied by Afraid of cold, cold limbs, cold waist and knee pain, especially cold lower limbs, occasional lower limb edema, frequent urination and urgency, and occasional pain in the knee joint, at night or when the weather turns cold will increase.

After a simple analysis, it is found that Mr. Zhu is Yang Deficiency, unable to warm the limbs and viscera, so afraid of cold, cold hands and feet, endogenous cold evil, qi and blood stasis block the meridians and joints, so joint pain, When the cold is aggravated, deficiency of spleen and stomach yang produces cold, so there is cold pain in the stomach and loss of appetite; Generating phlegm drink, so coughing and expectoration, asthma and oppression, Kidney is the waist, kidney yang deficiency cannot warm the waist, so the waist and knees Cold pain, cold lower extremities.


The diagnosis of Mr. Zhu is Yang deficiency, caused by endogenous cold evil, so Zhang Zhongjing was chosen to create The “Sini Decoction” is the basic prescription, with addition and subtraction treatment, and the prescription is composed of dried ginger, aconite, and roasted licorice together with Evodia, Sugan, Galangal, Schisandra, Asarum, cinnamon, Plantago, Atractylodes macrocephala, and Alisma.


Among them, dried ginger and aconitewarm the middle and dispel cold, greatly tonify yang ; Evodia, Sugan, and GalangalWarming the spleen and stomachCold, relieve pain and relieve nausea;

Schisandra, asarum and cinnamon It can invigorate the kidney and support yang; Atractylodes macrocephala and licorice invigorate the spleen and replenish qi; psyllium and Alisma Diuresis and dampness, prevent phlegm and edema.

After taking the medicine for a course, Mr. Zhu happily expressed stomach pain, cough and expectoration, and chest tightness , cold pain in the waist and knees, edema and other symptoms were significantly relieved, and then the medication was adjusted according to the own symptoms to consolidate the treatment.


It can be seen how important the yang energy is to the human body. Note: this The prescription is Sini Decoction, which is added or subtracted according to Mr. Zhu’s own condition, so it is only suitable for Mr. Zhu.