Yuanmou County: Based on five measures to help revitalize and improve efficiency

In recent years, Yuanmou County has resolutely regarded “grasping connection and promoting revitalization” as an important standard of work practice, and took multiple measures to help the revolution of rural revitalization efficiency.

Improve the institutional system construction. In order to change the style of cadres in the rural revitalization system and optimize the working environment of rural revitalization, the Yuanmou County Rural Revitalization Bureau has paid close attention to the foundation, focusing on system construction, and comprehensively improving the internal management of the rural revitalization system. The system covers study, meeting, work, team management and other categories, with clear sections and detailed content, which effectively regulates all aspects of the work and behavior of cadres and employees. The establishment and improvement of the system has further formed a working mechanism of managing people and affairs with the system, so that the cadres and workers of the rural revitalization system have rules and evidence to follow in their study and work, and can timely find problems and communicate effectively according to the established system. Solve problems, greatly improve the enthusiasm for performing duties, continue to temper a strong style, deeply change the work style, promote the quality and efficiency of work, and also provide a strong style guarantee for the development of the county’s rural revitalization work.

Focus on real dynamic monitoring. Yuanmou County always adheres to the principles of early detection, early intervention and early assistance, strengthens county-level departmental consultations and data analysis, urges and guides townships to strengthen daily dynamic monitoring, and conducts dynamic monitoring on a monthly basis. Comprehensive analysis and judgment, on-the-spot investigation, evaluation and publicity, township audit, and county-level determination” procedures standardize the standards and procedures for inclusion and withdrawal, and resolutely put an end to scale control and extracorporeal circulation. In addition, by making good use of the “provincial government assistance platform”, the online “government search” of the needy people has been improved, and the offline “government search” working mechanism of the “four-level monitoring network” has been strengthened. As of February this year, Yuanmou County has newly identified 213 people from 81 households of three types of people through dynamic monitoring. A total of 1,715 appeals from the needy people have been accepted on the Yunnan Provincial Government Relief Platform, and 1,661 cases have been settled, with a settlement rate of 96.85%. In order to maximize the elimination of the risks of “three types of monitoring objects”, “leakage”, “mistaken elimination” and “extracorporeal circulation”.

Stick to the goal to strengthen the connection. In order to firmly adhere to the bottom line of not returning to poverty on a large scale, Yuanmou County implements a bi-monthly dispatch work mechanism, maintains the overall stability of the assistance policy, financial support, and assistance force, and strictly implements the “Four No. “Summary” requirements, focusing on the continuous and steady increase in the income of the rural low-income population, closely following the poverty alleviation population consolidation rate of 100%. For poverty-stricken households, earnestly implement 18 projects such as full coverage of industrial assistance, employment assistance, education, medical and housing security, and follow-up support for ex-situ poverty alleviation and relocation. Land support policy, talent and intelligence support policy, leadership system, work system, planning implementation and project construction, and the “1234188” work idea of ​​”eight effective connections” of the assessment mechanism, and make every effort to create a demonstration area for consolidating and expanding the achievements of poverty alleviation and effective connection with rural revitalization building.

Strictly control the project to promote agriculture and increase income. Yuanmou County, through strict implementation of the project approval procedures, insists on the workflow of selecting projects in the library, on-site inspection projects, expert review projects and collective decision-making. At the same time, strengthen the supervision and inspection of projects under construction, conduct random inspections and inspections of project construction conditions such as project work procedures, construction schedule progress, capital allocation progress, and project quality in a timely manner. If problems are found, they will be rectified within a time limit, and strive to concentrate funds to become stronger and bigger. Yuanmou’s characteristic and advantageous industries ensure that the project will continue to exert its benefits after construction, effectively improve the production and living conditions of rural people, and provide basic guarantees for farmers to increase their income and become rich.

Concentrate on leading by example. In order to comprehensively promote rural revitalization, Yuanmou County insists on the construction of “demonstration sites” and “demonstration areas”. Focusing on the development of characteristic agriculture and the integration of rural industries, the construction of “one park, two districts, two towns and two belts” will be accelerated, and efforts will be made to create a pilot demonstration area for rural revitalization in the province. In accordance with the “three batches” implementation path of “leading a batch by demonstration, consolidating and improving a batch, and focusing on a batch of tough problems”, there are key points, steps, and diversification to promote the effective connection between the consolidation results and the rural revitalization. Vigorously implement the “One Ten Hundred” demonstration project for rural revitalization. By 2025, strive to build 1 rural revitalization demonstration park, 3 demonstration townships, 21 high-quality demonstration villages, and 150 beautiful villages, in order to consolidate and expand the achievements of poverty alleviation and rural revitalization. Effectively connect and explore replicable and learnable experiences.

Source: Yuanmou Rong Media Zhong Xianping Yuanmou County Rural Development Bureau Bai Wenbo Ruan Pingyan

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