You obviously have the desire to urinate, but you have difficulty urinating. Why is your chronic prostatitis not treated well?

Recently I came into contact with a very interesting patient. In his words, a big old man was so insane after being made to urinate that he didn’t want to do anything other than think about urinating every day, and he was not in the mood Do.

The main symptom of this patient is that he can’t urinate. Every time he feels the urge to urinate, he can’t urinate. More serious. I went to the hospital to check for prostatitis. The B-ultrasound showed that the prostate was fibrotic and enlarged. According to the doctor, it was because the hyperplastic prostate blocked the opening of the urethra, so I couldn’t urinate.

So in order to treat this disease, I took a lot of medicines, clearing heat and diuresis, clearing heat and treating stranguria, promoting blood circulation Removing blood stasis, etc., I feel like I can urinate when I take it, but it is more serious when I don’t take it. Because of taking medicine indiscriminately, it also seriously affects the kidney function. I could persist, but now I can’t do it. The patient does not think about recovering his glory in the future, but only thinks about getting his urine straightened.

Judging from his situation, the blocked urethral orifice by the proliferating prostate is the most realistic and intuitive problem. So using the so-called promoting blood circulation, removing blood stasis, clearing heat and diuresis seems to be very reliable, and it is also very symptomatic. Why is it more serious if it is not cured?

If you want to urinate smoothly, you must have two things, one is that there is nothing blocking it, and the other is It means that the kidney qi is sufficient, and only when the qi is sufficient can we go far. Just like the elderly, their shoes will get wet if they don’t pee against the wind, and the young people will be far away if they are strong against the wind. From these two points of view, it doesn’t matter which aspect you go to treat.

If the blockage is cleared, then some more powerful medicine, such as prostatitis, will be used. The biggest feature of this kind of medicine is that it hurts the vitality, diuresis and blood circulation when taken, but the vitality is hurt, so it will be more serious when the medicine is stopped. Therefore, we can start from replenishing qi, so that when the qi is sufficient, urination will be smooth even if it is blocked. With the recovery of vitality, the enlargement of the prostate will gradually disappear.

So the main symptom of this patient is difficulty in urinating, and also inability to defecate , once a few days or even once a week, usually with sore waist and knees, chills and chills, listlessness, pale tongue, thin tongue body, slow and weak pulse.

When conditioning, you can use Babit Dihuang Pills and Buzhong Yiqi Decoction to add and subtract.

Composition: Rehmannia glutinosa, cornus, Poria cocos, Alisma, paeonol, cinnamon, yam, astragalus, Atractylodes macrocephala, Codonopsis pilosula, Achyranthes bidentata, Dodder, Epimedium.

After taking it, you can defecate once a day and you can Urination, urine output increased, the patient felt more reliable and insisted on taking it for two months, and the symptoms disappeared. The patient checked the indicators of prostatic fluid, a little lecithin, and two + red blood cells.

So not all prostatitis is anti-inflammatory, clearing heat and purging fire. Of course, this type of prostatitis is the majority, and there are very few prostatitis patients who are completely Deficiency syndrome, deficiency caused by inability to urinate, dysuria. At this time, bold replenishment is better than bold venting.