You can’t imagine the danger behind this “male sex consumption” that young girls are keen on

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Hello friends, Teresa is on duty today~

As a young woman who has been out of service for a long time, my friends around me are heartbroken about my love life. A while ago, when I was having tea with my best friend, she asked me mysteriously, “Would you like to experience “One Day Boyfriend”?”

While I was at a loss, my best friend briefly and rudely introduced this popular emotional business. The more I heard it, the more panic I felt. “Fresh and interesting” in my bestie’s mouth was “dangerous” in my ears.

Although there is also a “girlfriend for a day” consumption type, because our readers are mainly women, our next discussion is mainly about the potential safety of “boyfriend for a day” Question.

Sisters, grab your notebooks and don’t be dazzled by “male sex”!

What is a One Day Boyfriend?

The “one-day boyfriend” mentioned here does not only refer to a specific form, but generally refers to online and offline contract transactions based on emotional labor . Moreover, what we focus on is the consumption form where the platform acts as an intermediary to connect buyers and sellers. Let’s not talk about those “self-employed” who work alone.

“One-Day Boyfriend” type of emotional consumption has various types of services, which can be roughly divided into “online” and “offline” forms.

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Online service is nothing more than a “boyfriend”, chatting with text and voice, usually billed by the hour, and can also specify an object and a monthly subscription.

Offline service is divided into two types, one is “in-store consumption”, you can designate a special “boyfriend” to accompany you to play board games, chat, etc.; There is one kind of “out-of-store consumption”, taking people out for dinner, watching movies, going to an amusement park, etc., and billing the hourly time of “out-of-store-return-to-the-store”.

Speaking of this, have the sisters already fancied it? But according to the bloggers who have experienced it personally, if you want to have further physical contact with your “boyfriend”, such as holding hands, taking photos, kissing, etc., you will generally be rejected because this is a service that requires additional fees. Break the charm of a relationship in one fell swoop, reminding you that it’s all just a deal.

Who is paying for Boyfriend for a Day?

Emotional experience services such as “One Day Boyfriend” are not widely publicized, and the store is relatively secretive. However, Teresa checked the sales of related stores on Zhabao, as well as the evaluation and group purchase transaction volume of related offline stores on Dianping, and the figures were staggering.

There is an online store that sells this kind of emotional experience, and the monthly sales of “Virtual Character Accompanying Chat” service are 600+. Several offline deacon cafes that provide services similar to “One Day Boyfriend” also have per capita consumption of around 200-600 yuan.

In general, “One Day Boyfriend” is still a niche choice, and it is rare to achieve this level of sales in niche circles. So who the hell is paying for a “boyfriend for a day”?


My best friend told me that the reason why she went offline to experience a “One Day Boyfriend” was completely fresh.

She plausibly said: “The Internet is very popular, many bloggers have visited the store, aren’t you curious?”

Indeed, curiosity and freshness are the reasons why many sisters choose to experience “One Day Boyfriend”. Go offline to the coffee deacon shop that provides boyfriend services, choose the deacon you like, eat and drink with you, chat and take photos, then two board games, and record a short video is almost the same. And the dissemination of these short videos or photos attracts peopleWeird new customers, video bloggers visiting the store…

Thinking about it this way, it is not surprising that there are so many completed orders.

Situational Needs

Offline experience stores that provide “One Day Boyfriend” service, many of them can take boyfriends out of the store.

Many sisters shouted on the store’s question page: “Can you let him listen to my defense?” “Can we go to the playground together?”

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As the saying goes, there are policies above and countermeasures below. In order to cope with the urging of parents to marry, many sisters will come up with a crooked idea when they have to: rent a “one-day boyfriend” to help them deal with it. There are also sisters. Because of Qixi Festival and Valentine’s Day, couples on the street are in pairs, so I want to rent a boyfriend to accompany me to make the festive atmosphere…

Renting a boyfriend at this time is like leasing a big-name expensive bag, a tool man. Everyone, you have your own wishes, and each takes what you need. After the current hurdle, you will end up with the money and the goods. If you don’t contact me, you will have peace of mind.

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Emotional Absence

But there are also girls who visit these stores in order to seek a kind of psychological satisfaction and make up for a certain emotional lack.

Real relationships are always changing, and love is called the game of the brave. For many girls, the relationship between the sexes is in danger. They are afraid of being hurt, out of control, and insecure, so they are accustomed to closing their hearts, refusing to give and gain, and not giving themselves or others opportunities.

But the desire for intimacy in the hearts of these girls did not stagnate, and even became more surging.

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At this time, an emotional service similar to “One Day Boyfriend” is equivalent to giving a pillow when you are dozing off. They need someone to accompany them, but they don’t want to cause trouble to others, so the accompanying service purchased with money is naturally the best choice.

Emotional buying and selling based on money transactions makes many girls feel more secure psychologically, “I give you money, you serve me”, there is no need to really deliver sincerity, so it doesn’t hurt .

And there is a hint of psychological safety: As long as I’m willing to keep paying, I can always have company, and I have the right to stop at any time.

The security risks behind “Boyfriend for a Day”

But Boyfriend for a Day is not as “safe” as the sisters think. It seems that you love me, and the relationship between silver and goods actually contains a lot of gray areas. And women are vulnerable to irreparable harm due to the particularity of their physiology.

Legal implications

Because of the particularity of the identity setting of “boyfriend and friend”, in some situations and fields, both parties will unconsciously have deviant behavior, and because it is a relationship between men and women based on money transactions, Therefore, illegal and even criminal acts can easily occur.

In the case of sexual relations and monetary transactions between the two parties, in accordance with Article 66 of the “Public Security Administration Punishment Law of the People’s Republic of China” on the penalties for prostitution and prostitution Illegal behavior, both parties may be subject to detention, fines and other penalties.

However, in the service related to “One Day Boyfriend”, if there is no definite evidence to prove that the two parties have had a sexual relationship, even if there is an obvious monetary transaction, it is impossible to determine the existence of prostitution and whoring, not applicable The first paragraph of Article 66 of the “Public Security Administration Punishment Law of the People’s Republic of China” stipulates the penalties for prostitution and whoring. That is, it’s on the edge of the law.

Personal Safety

Even if it’s a fake boyfriend-girlfriend relationship, when a girl chooses “One-Day Boyfriend””Friends” service, especially when two people go out for “dates”, it is still easy to appear “offensive” behaviors.

Whether it is an out-of-bounds behavior or an improper transaction, the particularity of the identities of boyfriends and girlfriends is always easy to cause troubles. On Douban, there are many money and emotional disputes caused by renting boyfriends home for the Chinese New Year.

But the above is already a good situation in a bad situation. If the man is plotting bad things, then the woman will undoubtedly be caught in the tiger’s mouth. Especially in situations where two people need to be in the same room, or even spend the night, this behavior is tantamount to “bringing wolves into the room”, which will make it difficult to guarantee your own safety.

Information Security

Some girls may say, “Then we don’t meet, is it safe to just chat online?”

Not necessarily. Needless to say, friends must know that the identity information provided by these “boyfriends” is likely to be false, right?

In the publicly disclosed identity information, this “boyfriend” may be a gimmick from the code name to the identity setting, not the real situation. In “private”, when girls chat with “boyfriend”, the other party may communicate with you according to “character setting”, and will not reveal the real information and situation to you.

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While we are immersed in the relationship situation of boyfriend and girlfriend, we may not be able to be so “dutiful” and keep information security in mind. It is inevitable that we will reveal our real identities, real situations, and even real photos during conversations. It’s okay if the other party is unintentional, but he is afraid that he has a bad intention and will affect the real life of the girls.

So girls should be careful with this type of consumption, whether for property or personal safety concerns.

The platform side should also strictly review and restrict the service content to avoid risks; if there is any violation of laws and regulations during the transaction process, the platform side needs to bear the corresponding supervisory responsibility.

Seeing this, the girls must have cares about it. These “one-day boyfriend” services with platforms acting as intermediaries are still difficult to be strictly regulated, not to mention posts such as “rental boyfriends” in the Douban group.

At the end of the day, it’s just a matter of sisters going to the “Deacon Cafe” to experience the atmosphere. Never rent a boyfriend and bring it out for a “date”. This is not only easy to step into the gray area of ​​the law, but also easy to infringe on their own rights and interests.

Furthermore, intimacy provides energy, safety, and joy because of our real and real commitment to a specific and real person. Sincere emotion.

The establishment of all high-quality relationships is inseparable from the maintenance of both parties, and there may be storms and crises, but there is no sweetness without bitterness, and there is no worry that may be lost, how can there be cherishing Current experience?

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