“Yangwei” not only has weak yang qi, but also stagnation of yang qi

Introduction~”Yang Wei” not only has weak Yang Qi, but also stagnation of Yang Qi

Hi, teacher, I don’t have any bad habits, how could I become paralyzed suddenly? Because of this question, my self-confidence was hit, and I was very anxious when I thought about the possibility of cuckolding in the future. I also made up a lot, but I felt that it didn’t work, but it made me irritated. I also have cold hands and feet. Many people say that I am Mingmen Huozhao, but I feel that my stool is not that shapeless. , Now I still can’t tell what is wrong with me and how to treat it. I have also searched for a lot of psychologists, but it doesn’t work. Mr. Yang from Shanghai said.


There are two situations for impotence, one is unreasonable and the other is insufficient. Insufficiency is nothing more than weakness of yang qi, decline of vital fire, insufficient liver blood, and inability to fully moisten and nourish the ancestral tendons. The impediment is mainly due to the impediment of yang qi. Even if your body is not weak, if this path is impeded, it will naturally lead to impotence. As if the hot water pipe is blocked, the heat still cannot pass, so you will feel that the radiator is not hot. Therefore, at this time, the stagnant yang qi should be cleared up as soon as possible. When the yang qi rises, the qi and blood can reach the tendons, and naturally there will be resilience and time.

Through further detailed understanding of Mr. Yang, he always feels cold hands and feet, and his stool is not shaped but Too much toilet paper for scorching heat. I usually have a depressed personality, always moaning and sighing, and a little emotional discomfort will inevitably lead to loose stools. Although he thought about the intercourse in his heart, he was indifferent, and Zong Jin had no resilience at all. Change its red tongue. The fur is white, and the pulse condition is stringy and astringent. The comprehensive dialectic is stagnation of yang qi and loss of nourishment of the ancestral tendons. Sini powder can be used to add centipede. After a period of time, I feel that my hands and feet are hot and I can quickly fight for it.

For loose stools caused by yang stagnation, it must be a kind of damp-heat diarrhea, and deficiency-cold diarrhea Diarrhea is the complete opposite. The stagnation of yang qi will inevitably turn into heat for a long time, so you will feel this scorching heat after going to the toilet. Similarly, the tongue coating with weak yang qi is often dull and dull, with heavy tooth marks, while the tongue with stagnation of yang qi is often red tongue, heavy ecchymosis, thin yellow and dry tongue coating. So in fact, you can know what type you are from the cause of the disease. Many people who have been addicted to hand for many years must be the result of a deficiency of yang energy. Therefore, it is necessary to keep the emotional smoothness at all times. Only by smoothing the Qi movement can you not get sick, let alone go to the doctor indiscriminately when you are sick, which will aggravate the condition.