Xingtan Cup l Zhao Wenjing: Another year of wheat fragrance

It’s another year of wheat fragrant

May the breeze blows, and the faint wheat fragrant also hits from a distance. I can’t help but think that the harvest season is here. Looking at the swaying ears of wheat and smelling the rich aroma of wheat, my thoughts returned to my childhood memories.

When we were young, we often went with the adults to harvest wheat. At this time, the countryside was filled with the smell of wheat. The heavy wheat ears in the fields contain ripe fruits. The breeze blows and the wheat waves roll like a golden ocean. Young and old all joined the ranks of wheat harvesting. The adults sweated like rain, while we ran and danced in the field ridges. When we were tired, we just grabbed a few unripe ears of wheat and rubbed them with our young hands until the husks and The grains are separated, and then the greedy mouth blows away the wheat skin, and a few round and full grains of wheat can’t wait to be stuffed into the mouth… It’s so fragrant!

After the wheat was cut, it was transported to the yard. Evening is a good time to thresh wheat. Several families work together. One wheat threshing machine rumbles. Several people cooperate with each other and are responsible for their respective responsibilities. There are those responsible for removing the wheat straw that has been beaten. When we were young, we were responsible for sorting wheat straws. Each person took a big fork and stacked the wheat straw layer by layer into a wheat stack. It didn’t take long for a mountain of wheat straw to form in the courtyard, which was very spectacular. At this time, although I was tired, I was very happy when I saw a lot of wheat, smelled the fragrance of wheat, and thought that the wheat had turned into white and fat steamed buns.

When the wheat is finished, it is to watch the field to dry the wheat. As night fell, the adults who had been working all day had to go home for dinner, leaving a few children to guard the tools in the yard. At this time, my sister and I were left behind, and the courtyard became our paradise again. In the dim light, we took off our shoes and jumped on top of the stack in groups of three or five, doing somersaults, playing hide-and-seek, and jumping from one wheat pile to another when we were so happy. slid down. Immediately afterwards, the wheat straw also turned over and overwhelmed the sky, pressing the whole person under the wheat straw. The boys burst into laughter.

It is another year of wheat fragrant, and the scene of the wheat harvest in my memory has been firmly engraved in my mind. The rich wheat fragrant is even more haunting and lingering…< /p>

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Name: Zhao Wenjing

Units : Central Primary School of Anjiazhuang Town, Feicheng City

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