Xiaoshuo Cases | The application of Xiaoerjing in children in dental clinics

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Professor Zhang Tiejun

Before performing oral treatment under general anesthesia on children with low cooperation or autism, anesthesiologists often face difficulties in separating parent and child, and suffer from There is an urgent need for anesthesiologists to give preoperative sedation before entering the room. Midazolam oral solution has a good taste, is easily accepted by children, has a rapid onset of action, moderate metabolic time, and has specific It is safe and reliable, and can be safely used for preoperative sedation in outpatient general anesthesia surgery. Since January this year, our hospital has used midazolam oral solution to sedate children under general anesthesia in oral outpatient clinics. Hundreds of cases have been completed. , and achieved good results. Children are easy to accept, and the separation of parents and children is smooth, which improves the medical experience of children and parents, and satisfies the pursuit of comfortable medical care by children and parents, which is worthy of promotion.

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