WuXi Biologics and AstraZeneca reached a strategic cooperation in the localized production of new crown preventive drugs, the price of two injections is tens of thousands

Red Star Capital Bureau news on August 4th, WuXi Biologics (02269.HK) announced on its official WeChat account that it has cooperated with AstraZeneca on the new crown prevention neutralizing antibody combination drug Enshida (tesagvir monotherapy) A strategic cooperation has been reached in the localized production of anti-combined with sigavirumab (English name: Evusheld, formerly known as AZD7442).

WuXi Biologics said that after the outbreak of the new crown epidemic, the company has supported more than 20 anti-new crown neutralizing antibodies around the world to successfully obtain 29 new drug clinical trial applications (INDs), and produced more than 29 new drug clinical trial applications (INDs). 2000 kg of monoclonal antibody.

In addition, WuXi Biologics was one of the main suppliers of AstraZeneca’s new crown vaccine. As of 2021, the vaccine stock solution produced by WuXi Biologics accounted for AstraZeneca’s vaccine supply to the Global New Crown Vaccine Program (COVAX). about 50% of the amount.

Affected by this news, the stock price of WuXi Biologics continued to rise. As of the press release of the Red Star Capital Bureau, it rose 4.321% to HK$74.85 per share, and the company’s total market value was HK$319.1 billion.

Public information shows that Enshid obtained emergency use authorization in the United States at the end of last year, and this year In March, it obtained the marketing authorization in the European Union and the conditional marketing authorization in the United Kingdom. In May this year, it obtained the conditional approval from the Hong Kong Department of Health, and in June this year, it passed the special import approval of the Hainan Boao Lecheng International Medical Tourism Pilot Zone for the new crown virus. Pre-exposure prophylaxis.

According to the research and development company AstraZeneca, the drug is suitable for pre-exposure prophylaxis of the new coronavirus in adults and adolescents (age ≥ 12 years old and weighing ≥ 40kg), and includes difficulties in producing sufficient antibody protection against the new crown vaccine population, and for whom vaccination is not recommended.

Relevant clinical trials showed that Enstant reduced the relative risk of symptomatic new coronary infection by 77% compared with placebo; in subsequent analysis, median follow-up Over a period of 6.5 months, Enseda reduced the relative risk of symptomatic COVID-19 incidence by 83% compared to placebo. Tests have shown that its protective effect against the new coronavirus can last for at least 6 months.

It is reported that Enshida has not yet been listed in my country, but according to the national nine related policies, it can be used in Hainan Boao Lecheng Medical Tourism Pilot Zone, and the new drug has now landed in Ruijin Hainan Hospital, you can make an appointment. At present, the price of Enshida is as high as 13,300 yuan for two injections at a time, and medical insurance cannot be used for settlement.

Red Star News reporter Deng Lingyao

Editor He Xianfeng

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