Write self-confidence on your face, Changan Auchan Z6 Blue Whale iDD challenge to Tibet limit, why not be afraid

Are new energy vehicles reliable in Tibet? Most people should have such questions. After all, even traditional fuel vehicles are not 100% guaranteed to enter Tibet.

Changan Auchan Z6 iDD

To verify if it works, the best way is to just try it! From August 11th, Changan Auchan will bring their “China Premium Hybrid” – Auchan Z6 Blue Whale iDD to challenge altitude, climate, curves, road conditions and other extreme conditions, and even reach the world Mount Everest with the highest altitude to verify the strength of the product.

The ultimate challenge to the roof of the world

This time Changan Auchan Z6 (Picture|Configuration|Inquiry) Blue Whale iDD will challenge two major industry feats, the first is to launch a Chinese brand The first 72-hour three-line simultaneous limit challenge to Tibet, and the second is the first time for a Chinese brand to challenge the 1300km full oil and full electricity limit on the roof of the world.

In normal circumstances, these two challenges may It’s easy, but the geographical environment of the route to Tibet is obviously much more complicated. The maximum altitude is 5231m, and more than 30 mountains with an altitude of 4000m+ are required. At the same time, the altitude difference is also very large, which can reach 5000m. In such a high altitude environment, the air pressure and oxygen content are only two-thirds of those in the plain area. Based on the law that the temperature drops by 6°C for every 1km increase, the temperature may be expected to be at the highest altitude of this trip. got to drop below zero.

In addition, the weather changes in high-altitude areas are like the face of a child. Bad weather such as heavy rain, strong winds, and heavy snow often strikes suddenly. You can even use the phrase “There are four seasons in one day. Ten miles are different days” to describe it. In such a complex climate environment, let alone the Auchan Z6 Blue Whale iDD, even the driver is a difficult challenge.

In addition, the most difficult and dangerous challenge to the mechanical performance of the automobile is the harsh road conditions. The road conditions such as bomb craters may even encounter unexpected situations such as mudslides and rolling stones. Among them, there are 72 turns on the Nujiang River, more than 130 turns and 108 turns on Mount Everest, which are known as “ninety-nine turns”. The chassis suspension, body structure, steering system, and even the power transmission system and braking system of the Blue Whale iDD are all severe tests.

However, the quality of Changan Auchan’s Auchan Z6 Blue Whale iDD is on the contrary. I am full of confidence, because during the development process, this car has already undergone various rigorous tests and verifications, and some of the test conditions are even worse than the route to Tibet. It can also be seen from this confidence that the Auchan Z6 Blue Whale iDD itself has excellent quality and strength, so it is not afraid of challenges.

Excellent strength and quality, fearless

When it comes to the strength of Changan Auchan Z6 Blue Whale iDD, I have to mention its “big, long and strong” super product strength advantages. The “big” feature is reflected in the 28.4kW·h large-capacity battery pack carried by the Changan Auchan Z6 Blue Whale iDD, which not only has the 3.3kW external discharge function, but also supports the Auchan Z6 Blue Whale iDD to achieve the “long” advantage. is to have longer battery life.

The battery life of Auchan Z6 Blue Whale iDD in pure electric mode It can reach 150km. If it is fully charged and fully charged, its comprehensive cruising range can reach 1200km, which has far exceeded the cruising range of most traditional fuel vehicles. In Tibet, where charging facilities are relatively lacking, there will be no mileage anxiety at all.

As for the “strong” advantage of the Auchan Z6 Blue Whale iDD, it is reflected in the dynamic performance of the Blue Whale iDD super hybrid system it carries. This hybrid system consists of four parts: Blue Whale NE1.5T hybrid special engine, Blue Whale three-clutch electric drive transmission, large-capacity PHEV battery and iDD intelligent control system.

Among them, the blue whale NE1.5T hybrid special engine has the maximum net The power reaches 122kW, and the maximum net torque of the engine is 255N m. The high-energy motor it carries also has the performance commensurate with the engine, with a peak power of 110kW and a peak torque of 330N m. Under the coordinated operation of the engine and the motor, even in the environment of high altitude, low oxygen and low temperature, the power will not be significantly attenuated, and it can still be easily handled on mountain roads.

Driving on winding and rugged mountain roads is also a huge challenge to the chassis and handling. The Auchan Z6 Blue Whale iDD is built on the Changan MPA2 platform structure. It has made a lot of strengthening for the body structure. It integrates a hidden “top handle” structure, which can increase the lateral stiffness by 49%. Rod four-wheel independent suspension system and Michelin high-performance tires, together with the joint adjustment of senior chassis experts at home and abroad, can not only obtain a comfortable driving experience for the driver, but also maintain a comfortable and stable experience on the rugged road to Tibet.

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Changan Auchan Z6 iDD

In addition to its mechanical strength, Auchan Z6 Blue Whale iDD also has high intelligence and high emotional intelligence. Through more humanized and intelligent AI technology, the Auchan Z6 Blue Whale iDD will become a “car robot” in the future. The Onstyle 5.0 smart happy cockpit it is equipped with has an 8-core chip, 2GHZ computing frequency hardware, and with full 3D motion rendering and a screen with a 60Hz refresh rate, its running smoothness surpasses that of smartphones, with voice wake-up, face recognition, Operations such as booting and networking can also be faster.

In addition, Auchan Z6 Blue Whale iDD also has Full-scene smart voice outside the car, 3-screen simultaneous display track mode, four-in-one super paddle, mic-free car KTV singing system 2.0, one-key safe overtaking mode, immersive somatosensory Auchan fitness, accompanying smart tour guide, etc. 7 industry-first features.

At the same time, it also has 8 industry-leading technologies, including “Spirit Pet Calling” EaglePilot7.0 full-voice valet parking system, infrared light-sensing internal and external dual-camera face recognition system, warm companion YYDS Digital twin image, seamless interconnected smart wearable devices, Shunfengear remote voice system 2.0, cloud-eye vehicle camera, front windshield integrated ETC, adaptive closed air intake grille, etc.

As for its 9 leading designs, including “Space Transmission” three-finger dual-flying screen, 540° 3D ultra-high-definition panoramic image, DMS 3.0 driver intelligent care system, organ-style programmable electronic accelerator pedal, memory of the main and passenger seats, courtesy and one-key rest mode, angel wings and more The mode can be operated blindly, such as air conditioning control, etc., together with 19 standard configurations of the whole series, so that the Auchan Z6 Blue Whale iDD has unimaginable product competitiveness. These configurations and functions will also fully play a role in this Tibet entry challenge, providing more convenience to the driver, and can also decompress and relax the challenger during the tense challenge process.

“Everest Spirit” is rooted in the brand

This series of challenges initiated by Changan Auchan Z6 Blue Whale iDD is not only Auchan Z6’s self-challenge to extreme performance, but also Auchan The self-challenge of automobiles to the new forces of car-making is the “Everest Spirit” embodied by Auchan Auto. No matter in terms of products, technologies or marketing, Changan Auchan can bring innovative surprises every time.

Customer-oriented, continuous innovation for user experience, this is the tenet that Changan Auchan has always adhered to. With the rapid improvement of Changan Auchan’s customer reputation and brand influence, the sales volume has also climbed to the top ten position in the Chinese brand sales list. These achievements of Changan Auchan are also the result of the “Everest Spirit” of Auchan Auto’s constant self-challenge. In the future, Changan Auchan will also have broader development prospects.