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December 1, 2022 is the 35th “World AIDS Day”, and the theme is “Together Fight AIDS and Share Health”.

When it comes to AIDS, many people worry about contracting AIDS in their daily lives. In fact, behaviors such as shaking hands and hugging with infected people, sharing tableware, etc. will not cause infection. AIDS cannot be cured at present, but through treatment, the life expectancy of infected people can be close to that of ordinary people. How to prevent AIDS? How to detect? Let’s take a look↓↓↓


National statisticsThe seventh

National Census Bulletin data display

There are 264 million people aged 60 and over in my country

People generally pay attention to the prevention and treatment of chronic diseases of the elderly

while ignoring their mental health and physical needs

At the same time, AIDS prevention and treatment Nothing to do with the elderly

So what is the truth?

Truth One

< strong>Elderly men aged 60 and over

AIDS patients are increasing year by year

The elderly still have sexual needs and abilities, but lack awareness of safe sex behaviors, and the risk of HIV infection is high Can’t be higher!

Currently, the number of people living with HIV and Among the patients (HIV/AIDS), the number and proportion of elderly men aged 60 and over are increasing year by year, and most of them are infected through heterosexual sex. In recent years, there have been more and more reports about HIV infection in the elderly.

Suggestion: The elderly need to raise awareness of the risk of HIV infection and avoid and reduce high-risk behaviors.

Truth Two

< strong>Sexually active age continues to decrease

Frequent unsafe sex among the elderly

Are people infected with HIV discovered when they are old, or are they infected when they are old? Both are possible!

First of all, because the elderly generally think that AIDS is far away from them Remote, voluntary HIV testingwish insufficient.

Secondly, with the development of social and economic level, people’s health As the level increases, the age of sexual activity in the elderly continues to be pushed back, unsafe sex occurs frequently, and the risk of HIV infection increases.

Recommendation:HIV active detection is an important way to diagnose HIV infection status.

Truth Three

Decreased autoimmunity of the elderly span>

If not treated in time, the fatality rate is high

old age HIV-infected people receive standardized antiviral treatment in time, which can prolong the survival time, reduce and avoid transmission, and improve the quality of life!

The older the age of HIV/AIDS diagnosis, the time to start treatment The later it is, the higher the risk of death. The goal of antiretroviral therapy is to suppress the replication of HIV in the patient’s body, reduce damage to the immune system and rebuild the immune system. Compared with young people, the elderly’s autoimmunity is weakened, and the incubation period of HIV-infected patients is shorter than that of young people. If not treated in time, the fatality rate is high.

Recommendation:Correctly understand the incubation period of AIDS and the importance of antiviral treatment.

Truth Four

HIV related knowledge is low


Aids prevention for the elderly needs active action

Preventing AIDS , requires the initiative of the elderly, but also requires the participation of the whole society!

Blue Book on Aging “Report on the Development of the Quality of Life of the Elderly in China ( 2019) pointed out that the education level of my country’s elderly population is generally low. Since age and education level are the main factors affecting the awareness rate of HIV-related knowledge, and with the development of new media technology, the elderly are unable to obtain rich content of AIDS prevention and control knowledge in the information age, resulting in weak safety awareness and possible unprotected risky behavior.

Recommendation: The prevention of AIDS for the elderly needs the care of the whole society. For example, the community develops promotional content and communication methods for the elderly, and young people help the elders around them acquire and interpret relevant knowledge and raise awareness of prevention, helping the elderly to become the first responsible person for their own health.

Crack One

Behind the rising AIDS in the elderly

It is their physiological needs that have no place to be placed

< br/>

In fact, whether it is in our country or in the world, the trend of AIDS in the elderly is on the rise. According to the UNAIDS report, by the end of 2019, there were 7.9 million AIDS patients over the age of 50 in the world, accounting for 21% of all infected people and cases. Behind the rising number of elderly AIDS is their lack of physical needs.

Professor Pan Suiming, a well-known domestic sexologist, pointed out that my country’s 55 – 53% of 61-year-olds have sex once a month, and 39% even have sex three times a month.

According to the data, the elderly patients with AIDS are mainly For men, it means that men still have relatively strong physiological needs after the age of 50, but because of the decrease of estrogen and sexual desire of women after the age of 50, it may be difficult to meet the needs of the other half, which will cause the other half to take risks and go out to find girls. There are also elderly people who have been widowed in their early years and have been single for many years. In order to satisfy their sexual needs, they choose unusual ways. With age, various functions of the body continue to decline, and the resistance of the elderly becomes worse and worse. In addition, there are more people dancing in the square,The mixed environment is also a test for resistance. If the self-control is poor and the autoimmunity is relatively low, the risk of infection will be greatly increased.

Crack II

Elderly AIDS should not be underestimated

Treatment takes life Taking Medication

Currently, Treatment for AIDS requires lifelong medication. For the elderly, due to the gradual aging of organs, the speed of metabolizing drugs is also significantly slowed down, the tolerance to drugs is also greatly reduced, the probability of complications increases, the treatment effect is not satisfactory, and the mortality rate is higher .

So, don’t think that infection can still be treated, treat The effect is likely to be unsatisfactory. Instead of thinking about how to treat it, it is better to do a good job of prevention from the beginning.

Crack the Three

Avoid high-risk behavior

For extramarital sex, gay sex, or suspicion of spouse People who have extramarital sex are considered a high-risk group of HIV infection. Even if there are no abnormal symptoms, they should go to a regular hospital or CDC for HIV testing as soon as possible.

It’s not scary to have physical needs, the scary thing is not to do it Good protection. No matter how old you are, at any time, you must wear a condom correctly before having sex and use it throughout the process. The function of condoms is not only contraception, but also can prevent sexually transmitted diseases such as AIDS.

Multiple partners, having sex without using condoms Behaviors such as sharing needles and injecting drugs with others, tooth extraction and tattooing in informal medical units are all high-risk behaviors of HIV infection and should be avoided as much as possible to reduce the risk.

Crack Four

Post-exposure prophylaxis after high-risk behavior

Learn more about AIDS

Even if high-risk behaviors occur accidentally, it is not certain that you will be infected with AIDS. You should seize the time to do a good job of post-exposure prevention. Taking specific antiviral drugs within 2-72 hours can reduce the risk of HIV infection by 81%. infection risk.

It is normal for the elderly to have physical needs, and we also It should be treated rationally and without prejudice.

For the elderly, in satisfying normal physiological When you need it, you should put your health first, learn more about AIDS, take preventive measures, and minimize the risk of infection in order to enjoy a happy old age.

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