Women in Gong Han generally have 5 things in common! How many did you take?

Xiao Li often has cold hands and feet in her life. Even now the weather is getting warmer, she still often has cold hands and feet. My mother kept saying that it was caused by the cold in the palace, and had been letting her eat some nourishing food, but the symptoms did not ease after eating for many years.

So she had some doubts, wasn’t her cold hands and feet caused by Gong Han? Otherwise, why would it be ineffective all the time? So Xiaoli sent a private letter to ask the editor, let us know two or three things about Gong Han in detail.

Cold hands and feet mean palace cold? The main feature of Gong Han is actually these five

Deputy director of the Obstetrics and Gynecology Department of the Third Affiliated Hospital of Henan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Zhang Ying said that Gong Han is actually a kind of The common cause of disease is also one of the common syndrome differentiation in traditional Chinese medicine.

Under normal circumstances, the intrusion of cold air caused by craving for cold and liking cold food is the real cold< /span>, these cold qi will stay in the meridians, viscera, and viscera of the body, and will naturally stay in the uterus; and some The cold qi caused by pathological products Accumulation, it is deficient cold, which is mostly caused by spleen and stomach yang deficiency and unable to function normally.

For women, cold hands and feet all year round may not necessarily be caused by palace cold, may also be caused by internal Changes in hormone levels, such as during menstruation, hormone levels in the body will fluctuate greatly, resulting in vasoconstriction, reduced blood flow, and cold hands and feet.

Iron-deficientwomen are also prone to cold hands and feet because the body When iron is deficient, the function of blood to carry oxygen will decrease, which may easily cause metabolic disorders in tissues, and cannot generate enough heat energy to cause cold hands and feet.

Heart insufficiency are also prone to symptoms of cold hands and feet, heart In the body, it is responsible for pumping blood to various organs and tissues. Once the heart function is damaged, the blood cannot flow to the limbs in time, and it is easy to cause cold hands and feet.

So, what symptoms can a woman’s uterine cold really cause?

1. Abnormal menstrual period

The most typical symptom of uterine cold is abnormal menstruation in women, which is manifested as menstrual disorder, heavy or small amount, and dark color , etc., there are still many women who suffer from severe abdominal pain due to uterine cold.

2. Fear of cold

When the weather is not so cold, women in Gonghan still wear a lot of clothes. Because the cold in the palace will cause the blood in the body to not flow to all parts of the body normally, it is easy to make people feel cold, and the perception of cold will be much more sensitive than ordinary people.

3. Fat

< span>Clinically, some women with cold uterus are more likely to be obese than normal women. Because the uterus is cold, in order to protect the uterus, the body will accumulate a lot of fat around the uterus, which can easily cause the body to gain weight.

4, pale

Palace Cold can make women look particularly pale, which is what the elderly often say is lack of complexion, lips and tongue coating will turn white, the color of menstrual blood It will also be lighter than ordinary people.

5. Other symptoms

In addition, women with palace cold will have an increased chance of chloasma on their face, and also have I often feel low back pain and it is difficult to be interested in having sex.

The occurrence of palace cold is closely related to some bad habits in life. Let’s see if you have these bad habits?

Women with palace cold mostly have these 3 bad habits

First of all, many womenare particularly fond of cold foods, even whenI also like to eat ice in the cold winter, and a large amount of cold food can easily lead to the endogenous cold evil, and then easily induce the occurrence of uterine cold;

< span>Secondly, in daily life, “we want grace and not temperature”, The weather is a little warmer, and then I start to show my waist and navel, and blindly crave the cool< span>, doing so will easily lead to the invasion of cold pathogens, and it is easy to cause a series of problems including palace cold;

Finally, there are some Women in order to lose weight, they will use unhealthy methods such as dieting, taking diet pills, etc., although these methods will make you lose weight quickly, but your The body will also have some abnormal performance because of this, including palace cold.

For those who have the above bad habits, it is recommended that you change them in time. So, how can people who have had a cold in the palace improve it?

These 3 little tricks can help you keep warm and cold

Long-term uterine cold will have a lot of impact on women’s health. I have told you a lot above. In addition, it may also cause female infertility, because uterine cold will lead to the chance of implantation of fertilized eggs. reduce. If you want to prevent palace cold, you must do these things.

Appropriate dieteat more foods that can warm the palace, such as mutton, durian, Brown sugar, millet and hawthorn, etc., three main types are introduced below:

Durian< /span>It is a hot food, which has the functions of activating blood and dispelling cold, invigorating the kidney and dredging collaterals. It can help women replenish qi and blood, nourish yin, and at the same time, it can also play a certain role in invigorating the kidney and strengthening the body;< /span>

Brown sugar is also a warm food, which can warm the body after entering the body The functions of nourishing and warming can help the body to activate blood and remove blood stasis, strengthen the spleen and warm the stomach;

mutton is a very good nourishing food. For some people with physical deficiency and fear of cold, palace cold and kidney deficiency and yang deficiency, it can play a tonic effect; while hawthorn has the effect of dispersing stasis and promoting blood circulation. Usually boiled with brown sugar, it has a good relieving effect on women’s dysmenorrhea and postpartum congestion.

Of course, you can’t just eat these foods blindly. You can eat some of these foods appropriately on the premise of ensuring nutrition.

Be sure to keep warm in your life, especiallyBe sure to keep your abdomen warm , to avoid cold air invading the body and threatening health.

At the same time, maintain healthy living habits, so as to go to bed early, get up early, do not stay up late, try to maintain Stable mood, etc., these can help maintain the stability of the endocrine system, which is of great benefit to the prevention and treatment of uterine cold.

The palace cold will bring a lot of threats to women’s health. It is not so difficult to prevent the palace cold. It is just some details in our life. Believe you can do it. #health star Program# #Health2022#


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