Winter is coming, if your only defense is a mask, then this kit is for you

Winter is approaching, bad news. In this winter, our health will face the attack of a monster-like virus army that has never been seen before.

Good news, start now, make defenses in advance, everything is still too late.


If your defense is only masks, then this kit is for you!

1. Winter is coming, are you ready?

Winter and spring have always been the peak season for influenza.

However, this winter, the health situation we are facing will be extremely severe and complicated!

As the saying goes, a major epidemic lasts only three years. This is the experience of blood and tears summed up by the ancients in the fight against the virus.

But now, the new crown is still raging, which is beyond the laws of nature. What do you think is the problem?

We don’t talk about conspiracy theories, but “don’t have the intention to harm others , The heart of defense is indispensable”, you have to make more efforts than before!

So far, on a global scale, the variant of the new crown is still not stable, and new strains that are more infectious and stronger will be produced at any time.

Dahe will explain to you in a simple way, this winter, what we are facing is not only the general influenza virus, but also the variant strain of the new crown, respiratory syncytial virus , The superimposed infection threat brought by influenza virus.

In the past two days, everyone will definitely feel the impact of the domestic epidemic. At the press conference on epidemic prevention and control, the spokesperson’s words were already very harsh.

“…Facing the most complicated and severe prevention and control situation since the outbreak of the new crown epidemic, we are at the most critical and urgent moment.”

Winter is approaching, facing the menacing army of viruses, and your weapon is still just a mask?

Second, the first tip-let the old learn the new

Dahe’s first tip is to breathe out the old and bring in the new.

In the past three years, everyone has become familiar with the preventive measures against the new crown. Wear masks, pay attention to hygiene, and get vaccinated…

In Dahe’s view, these measures are not enough and need to be strengthened.

The Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic says: “There is righteousness inside, and evil cannot be done.” Improving one’s own righteousness is the most important thing in defense!

How to improve righteousness, Dahe said this many times in the previous article The problem, the focus is on the stimulation of lung function.

In the traditional Chinese Daoyin fitness technique, breathing is the way to practice Qi. There is a great mystery here, and each family has its own magic weapon.

Since ancient times, medicine and Taoism have not been separated, and Taoist Qi should be expressed with “Qi”, which is more appropriate.

As for breathing exercises, Dahe has always been very cautious, because the technique that can save people also has the worry of hurting people.

Thinking twice, Dahe eliminated those mysterious parts that may be deleted by the platform, and dedicated the essence to all fans.

Elementary version: Inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth.

After getting up every morning, find a place with fresh air, and be sure to avoid the wind!

Don’t think too much, throw away all distracting thoughts, inhale and exhale.

Inhale, keep inhaling the entire chest cavity, then exhale until you can’t exhale, and then take the next breath.

The main point, try to keep breathing naturally, don’t overdo it, and don’t add any thoughts.

Third, the second tip – Tuna enhanced version

Enhanced version: Inhale, start from the abdominal cavity first, lift the feet slowly following the inhale, lift the anus and shrink the vagina, and the lower abdomen will naturally bulge. Then transition to the chest cavity, stretch the chest, and absorb fresh air to the greatest extent.

After the chest is full, hold your breath and imagine that the whole body is filled with fresh air.


Then, exhale slowly, and exhale to exhaust the air in the whole body Try to get out of the body as much as possible, and imagine that the turbid air in the whole body is out of the body, which is very important.

Another point is to keep the time of inhalation slightly longer than the time of exhalation, regardless of such a small difference, you can distinguish between yin and yang.

Keep 8 breaths, not more, not less, then 16 breaths, and finally 24 breaths.

This breathing method is the basic breathing method of Taoism, and it has a good conditioning effect on the whole body. Generally speaking, you can feel it in three days to changes in the body.

This enhanced version of breathing and breathing is suitable for friends who have a certain foundation to practice. Because of the idea, Dahe is very cautious.

Dahe Reminder: Don’t be too strong in your thoughts, otherwise your energy and blood will stagnate.

If you are a beginner, Dahe recommends that you start practicing from the first tip, natural breathing is enough.

Learning to breathe is a good way to maintain the lungs, and it is also an excellent way to invigorate the kidneys.

When it comes to nourishing the kidney, someone’s eyes light up, um, so what, the platform won’t let you talk too much, let’s save it for chatting in the live broadcast room at night.

Fourth, the third tip – ultraviolet light

If you want to choose the same anti-drug artifact that is more important than masks, Dahe will definitely choose this big killer-ultraviolet lamp.

Ultraviolet lamps use high-energy ultraviolet rays to destroy the physiological structure of viruses, making them Inactive. Almost all viruses will disappear when exposed to ultraviolet light.

You think, the operating room and some wards in the hospital are so strictAseptic environment, the most commonly used is ultraviolet disinfection.

Although the new crown virus is more sensitive to dryness, heat, alcohol, and disinfectant, in terms of convenience and practicality, it does not surpass ultraviolet lamps.

Dahe recommended ultraviolet lamps three years ago.

Twice a day for 20 minutes each time, you will immediately feel the smell of the sun in the air. The environment at home is to be more at ease, more at ease.


Dahe tip:

1. Pay attention to safety. Since ultraviolet rays can kill viruses, they can also damage normal cells. You must read the instructions carefully and use them safely.

2. Dear fans, please start early, maybe someday it will be out of stock. Dahe doesn’t say anything about brands, just choose products from major manufacturers, without so many bells and whistles, and practicality comes first.

5. The fourth tip – Ancient Baduanjin

Strengthening exercise and improving the body’s immunity is one of the most important principles for fighting various diseases.

Although everyone has reached a consensus, it lies in the choice of specific exercise methods. There are also differences.

The National Health and Medical Commission, in terms of recovery from the new crown, suggested Taijiquan, Baduanjin and other methods, and Dahe deeply agreed.

Especially, after you have finished exhaling and exhaling, then do the ancient Baduanjin exercise, the effect will be even better.

The practice of the ancient Baduanjin is not repeated in this article. If you are interested, you can search the treasure house of Dahe.

In these days, you should focus on exercising your arms, do more pull-ups, imitate the movements of a gibbon, and stimulate the fascia of your arms.

Exercising upper body strength corresponds to the lungs and heart. From the point of view of traditional Chinese medicine, the lungs govern the qi, the heart governs the blood, the two tonics of qi and blood, and the three barriers.

Experienced fans will definitely understand Dahe’s intentions, This is the ape play of the ancient Wu Qin Xi, of course, it is different from the national standard version.

Although the new crown is terrible, in the same environment, some people are infected and some are spared. Is it just luck? It is also a manifestation of strength.

Find a suitable exercise method and stick to it, sages and saints, be honest!

Sixth, coordinate operations and be methodical

Combat The new crown is the same way of thinking as dealing with those messy viruses.

The methods mentioned above should be used in coordination.

This is a systematic defense measure, just like rowing The formation of soldiers, horses, infantry, bows, crossbows… all types of arms must cooperate with each other to form a stable position together.

Modern warfare also requires close coordination of sea, land and air in order to be able to attack and defend, and to advance and retreat freely.

1. Maintain regular breathing training to strengthen the defense of the upper respiratory tract.

2. Adhere to the ancient Baduanjin whole body exercise to enrich the qi and blood of the internal organs.

3. Wear a mask when going out, abide by the epidemic prevention regulations, and cut off the way of virus transmission.

4. After returning home, wash your hands frequently, turn on the ultraviolet light, and clean the hidden dangers in the room.

The above measures have been achieved, busy but not chaotic, tense and orderly.

You will feel that life is an orderly enjoyment instead of living in fear every day.

Seventh, Fifth, Sixth, Seventh, Eighth tips

When the general goes to war, he thinks about retreating before he thinks about advancing. We must also be prepared for danger in times of peace and prevent the passing of time.

What should I do if I suspect infection?

This will use Dahe’s fifth, sixth, seventh, and eighth tips.

In these days, pay close attention to the sensations of the nasal cavity and upper respiratory tract. Aware of primary alert system alarms.

Immediately, immediately, rinse your mouth with light salt water, Cleanse the nasal passages.

There is a kind of yoga technique, which is to use cloth strips to go in from the nostrils and pull them out from the mouth. Our Taoist Daoyin technique is not so cumbersome, just use your nose to suck water.

Also, what should I do if I have a fever? Using the three antipyretic measures mentioned by Dahe earlier, plus slapping Sha on the elbow joint, acupuncture and bloodletting, the effect is definite.

Salt and salt are also a necessity, and it is also necessary to store more. Daily necessities such as garlic and green onions must be stored to a certain extent.

Sometimes, you will feel that the effect of using garlic water is even more effective than those vaunted XX capsules.

These details have achieved extraordinary results. details make a difference!

What I will tell you today is pure dry goods. Dahe knows that even if you write in detail, you will still have many questions. Don’t worry, let’s have a thorough chat in the live broadcast room tonight.

Risks in life are everywhere. Instead of worrying about problems that may occur in the future, it is better to do what we should do to prevent problems before they happen.

No matter how cold the winter is, spring will come on time!