Will some parks in Kunming be free? Urban Management Bureau: Still in the plan

Two days ago, Barcode Jun reported a news about the suspension of Kunming Park Annual Card.

this A citizen asked:

Is the annual card suspended because strong>

A few parks in Kunming might be free next? span>

Is this true?

With questions from citizens,

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The reporter visited.

At ten o’clock in the morning on August 4th, many tourists were buying tickets at the ticket office of Daguan Park. The staff of the park said that Daguan Park has suspended the application of the park annual card since July 1, and they suspended the park annual card after receiving the notification from the superior department. Is the suspension of the annual pass because the park will be free in the future? In this regard, the staff of the park said that they have not received a notification from the higher authorities, and they do not know the reason for the suspension of the park’s annual pass.

The ticket center of Kunming Zoo also A notice was posted to suspend the sale of the annual card. Regarding the reason for the suspension of the park’s annual card and whether the park will be free in the next step, the staff of the park also replied: “I haven’t received a notification from the higher authorities.”

Then the reporter called the Golden Temple Scenic Area. phone for consultation.

Jindian Scenic Area staff: “No, no, no free, maybe until October 1st, Let’s see if it will be free after October 1st, there is no notification yet, and tickets are still required.”

The reporter contacted the Kunming City Administration, the superior management department of the park, to find out whether some parks in Kunming will be free in the next step. A staff member of the Kunming City Administration said that this matter is currently under planning and will be announced to the public when the exact documents are available.

Random reporter I interviewed several citizens. They said that city parks are a good place for citizens to relax. If tickets are not free, they hope that preferential policies such as annual cards can be restored.

Citizens: “It is definitely good for me to be able to apply for an annual card It’s the best because I live nearby and come in more often.”

Reporter: “What if I can’t get an annual card and the park is not free?”

Citizen: “That’s for sure You can only buy tickets to come in, and the number of times may be relatively less.”

Reporter: Zhang Pengpeng Yang Bo

Edit: Niu Niu

[Source: Urban Barcode]

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