Why was cancer finally detected despite regular physical examinations? 5 physical examination items, it is not reliable

Regular physical examination is very helpful to your health. In the process of physical examination, you can not only understand your physical health, but also Diseases can also be detected in time and actively treated.

However, some people are still diagnosed as cancer patients despite regular physical examinations, and doubts about the physical examinations keep coming.

As everyone knows, the 5 unreliable physical examination items will not only be done for nothing but also delay your health.

Is regular physical examination sure to be healthy?

There are many people with a strong awareness of health care in their lives, and they go to medical institutions for physical examinations every year. Except for some minor problems, they cannot be checked at all out tumor disease.

The reason why many people who have regular physical examinations are still diagnosed with cancer in the end may have a lot to do with the chaos of the physical examination, and it is also closely related to the physical examination items.

In most cases, the physical examination is some basic items, such as blood routine, urine routine, liver function, and weight, height, Vision, etc., and some irregular medical examination centers basically deal with it when they give customers physical examinations, which can easily lead to the embarrassing situation of stereotyped physical examinations, not only wasting money but also not checking any problems at all. Not to mention the fact that cancer cannot be diagnosed, so regular physical examinations may not be able to prove good health.

Which physical examination items do not have the function of diagnosis?

First, prostate color ultrasound

Middle-aged men can easily become For high-risk groups of prostate diseases, many physical examination centers have joined the prostate color ultrasound project. It is said that this color ultrasound can screen for prostate cancer.

The color ultrasound of the prostate is just a cover. Not only can it not detect early prostate cancer, but it can’t even detect prostatitis, so this physical examination item is useless.

Second, fasting blood sugar

Many physical examination centers have fasting blood glucose physical examination items, which are also known as having the function of detecting diabetes.

In fact, from a medical point of view, this test method does not have the effect of detecting diabetes at all. If you want to check diabetes, you should go to a regular hospital for A1c hemoglobin test< /strong> so that you can be diagnosed with diabetes.

Third, blood calcium test

In many physical examination packages, blood calcium test is placed The more obvious position, in fact, this inspection method cannot detect whether the body is deficient in calcium at all, and it is just a cover for some medical examination centers to collect money.

More importantly, trace element examination should not be used as a routine physical examination item at all. Blood calcium examination is a blank check.

Fourth, creatinine/urea nitrogen check

< p data-track="13">Creatinine and blood urea nitrogen examination sounds very lofty, and it is also one of the must-do items in many physical examination centers. The staff will tell customers that the main purpose of this examination is to check whether the kidney function is healthy.

Once you encounter this situation, you should be more vigilant. This kind of examination can’t find out whether the kidney function is healthy or not. If you want to check the kidney function, you should go to a regular hospital. Get urine microalbumin checked with your doctor.

Fifth, gastric cancer test

Gastric cancer is a relatively high incidence of malignant tumors , Now some physical examination centers have also added gastric cancer test items, and deceive customers that this inspection method can screen gastric cancer.

In fact, this kind of exaggerated publicity has harmed many consumers. Although gastric cancer tests can screen out some stomach diseases, they cannot screen out stomach cancer at all.

Due to the chaos in the medical examination market, many medical examination centers that put their interests first will exaggerate some routine medical examination items in order to deceive consumers into being deceived.

In fact, routine physical examination cannot screen out cancer at all, so even if the physical examination items are all qualified, it does not mean that the body must be very healthy.