Why do most people not want to do colonoscopy? Do a colonoscopy, or can it be guaranteed for 5 years?

Introduction: During the 4th National Famous Doctors Ceremony in 2020, a related survey report on 2,299 bowel cancer patients was released. The report showed that Among these bowel cancer patients, only 71 had undergone a colonoscopy, compared with 2221 patients who had never undergone a colonoscopy before diagnosis.

In which the bowel cancer problem was diagnosed for the first time At that time, 83% of colorectal cancer patients had reached the middle and late stages, while the other 44% had metastases to the liver, lungs and other parts. If colonoscopy can be performed as soon as possible, I am afraid that bowel cancer will not be delayed to this point.


What is colonoscopy?

With the continuous improvement of everyone’s living standards, the demand of the people is also increasing, so more People will think of the colonoscopy examination.

The colonoscope goes directly to the entire intestinal tract for a cyclic inspection,and during the inspection process, the outside can also be Clearly displayed on the receiver display.

Colonoscopy is a gold standard for intestinal mucosal examination, which has an irreplaceable status , and colonoscopy is currently the most effective and reliable way to check whether there are polyps or cancer in the intestine

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Have colon cancer after a gastroscopy?

So why do you still get bowel cancer after undergoing a colonoscopy?

Bowel cancer is a natural phenomenon of body aging. Colonoscopy can detect and remove intestinal polyps in time , and removing polyps can actually delay the appearance of intestinal cancer, but it cannot completely prevent the occurrence of intestinal cancer.

So simply speaking, colonoscopy is just a way of inspection,not to prevent colonoscopy A cure.

Although colonoscopy cannot prevent cancer, it is confirmed that bowel cancer can be detected in time to a certain extent. The doctor can also carry out a corresponding treatment according to your condition.

Regular colonoscopy, can effectively prevent people from finding bowel cancer in the middle and late stage, without medicine Can only be saved in the tragedy of waiting for death.

So colonoscopy is a very necessary item, but nowadays many people are afraid of colonoscopy Endoscopy, or when the doctor asks for a colonoscopy, he will directly refuse, why is this?

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Why are most people unwilling to undergo colonoscopy?

Colonoscopy helps to detect early colorectal cancer problems, and can help treatment efficiency, so why many people do not want to undergo a colonoscopyWhat about checking?

ignoring early screening

Because most of the early symptoms of digestive tract tumors are not obvious, many people mistakenly think that they are in good health, so why should they spend so much money on examinations?

There are even some people who think that this is the doctor prescribing inspection items indiscriminately, some patients know their own I have a stomach problem, but I find it bothersome, thinking it’s just a minor illness.

It is a pity thatmany patients with bowel cancer are already in the middle of their first examination late stage.

Blind fear

After all, colonoscopy requires the hose to be inserted deep into people’s bodies,and many people feel uncomfortable when they think about it.

Everyone doesn’t want to bear it This kind of pain,this fear of the unknown can also make it difficult to make up your mind to check.

Fear of bowel cleansing

Before colonoscopy, people need to complete intestinal preparation first. Patients need to take laxatives and a lot of water, and have multiple bowel movements to clean the intestines.

During this process, patients will easily have nausea, vomiting, abdominal distension, urticaria and other adverse reactions, and these Steps can also easily instill fear and rejection in the patient.


Do a colonoscopy, or can it be guaranteed for 5 years?

Many people began to reject the colonoscopy examination from the inside out, thinking that this examination is uncomfortable and troublesome, but It’s such an unpopular inspection that can really help save lives.

Professor Li Zhaoshen, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, introduced that if you have not had a colonoscopy after the age of 45 Check, before the end of the year, you must have a colonoscopy, because a colonoscopy can at least guarantee that you will not suffer from rectal cancer for 5 years, or even 10 years!

Polish researchers conducted a 17-year follow-up study on more than 160,000 people

strong>, the final research results show that compared with low-quality negative colonoscopy, the incidence of colorectal cancer in 0-5 years is reduced by 45%, and the incidence of colorectal cancer in 5-10 years is reduced by high-quality negative colonoscopy. The rate decreased by 45.6%, and decreased by about 53.98% in more than 10 to 17 years.

The occurrence of bowel cancer is easily ignored by people. For people with a high incidence of bowel cancer, timely Colonoscopy, in order to prevent the emergence of disease.

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For these high-risk groups, regular colonoscopy is recommended

The high-risk groups of colon cancer mainly include:Patients over 40 years old with anorectal symptoms, such as pain in a fixed part of the abdomen and changes in stool properties; people with a family history of colorectal cancer; colorectal adenoma treatment patients after surgery; patients with long-term ulcerative colitis; patients after surgery for colorectal cancer.

For the above high-risk groups, we all need to pay attention to the fact that the symptoms of patients over 40 years old still have not been relieved after treatment. Fecal occult blood test and other examinations need to be carried out in time.As long as one of the indicators is positive, colonoscopy is required.

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Will colonoscopy damage your intestines?

Answer: No!

Colonoscopy is actually a non-invasive inspection method. During the inspection process, due to inflation The pulling feeling,can disappear after the inspection.

Although colonoscopy is a non-destructive examination, we all need to pay attention to the fact that there are certain limitations of painless colonoscopy. Risk, for those patients with cardiopulmonary disease, especially middle-aged and elderly people, it is not recommended to perform painless colonoscopy.


Before colonoscopy, 3 points for attention

< p data-track="49">1. Dietary requirements: On the day before the examination, you should consume liquid or semi-liquid food with little residue, low fat, and easy digestion , fasting celery, kelp, fruit with seeds, leeks and other crude fiber foods;

2. Take laxatives: Two hours after dinner on the day before the examination, start taking laxatives. The specific taking method should also follow the doctor’s advice and instructions. After taking the medicine, walk around appropriately, gently massage the abdomen until the watery stool is discharged;

3. Adverse reactions: If adverse reactions such as abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, and abdominal distension occur during the course of taking the drug, you must promptly inform the medical staff.

Conclusion: Colonoscopy is a very common examination method nowadays, and it is also the most accurate examination for intestinal diseases The method can clearly see the polyps in the intestinal tract, and can remove the polyps, so as to prevent the incidence of intestinal cancer.