Why do kidney stones find you? Reminder: Most of them are related to these two factors, I hope you know

Nephrolithiasis is a common disease in urology, which is very harmful to health. Stones can damage the mucous membrane of the urethra during the movement or expulsion of the body, causing symptoms such as bleeding and renal colic.

In addition, the presence of stones can also lead to urinary tract obstruction, which in turn can lead to hydronephrosis or infection. If the condition is not controlled, it may lead to loss of renal function and even uremia in the later stage. In order to avoid With the above serious consequences, it is necessary for everyone to understand the adverse factors that induce kidney stones, and try to avoid them in life to reduce the risk of kidney stones.

So, what causes kidney stones?

1. Poor diet and living habits

If you don’t like drinking water in your life, it can lead to concentrated urine and increase the risk of kidney stones. In addition, if you eat too much food containing oxalic acid, such as spinach, strong tea, or excessive diet, more meat and less vegetables and so on may induce kidney stones.

In addition, the long-term intake of high-purine foods in some people can lead to uric acid levels in the body increased. In addition to causing gout, it also May increase the risk of kidney stones.

2. Urinary system abnormalities

Some problems in the urinary system itself can also induce kidney stones. For example, some patients have problems with kidney and fallopian tube malformations, which can lead to poor urine excretion and increase the number of kidney stones. Risk of developing kidney stones.

In some patients, due to spinal deformities, or prolonged bed rest, they may also cause poor urination and increase the incidence of kidney stones. In addition, stones are strongly associated with urinary infections.

So, how can you prevent kidney stones in your life?

1. Drink plenty of water, don’t hold back

Little urine output and concentrated urine can easily lead to stones. Therefore, to prevent kidney stones, you must first develop the good habit of drinking more water every day. The urine output should reach 2000ml or more to avoid the retention of metabolic wastes in the body, but avoid using beverages instead of boiled water. In addition, it is necessary to correct the habit of holding back and go to the toilet in time when the urge to urinate.

2. Adjust the diet structure

High-protein, high-fat, and high-sugar diets will increase the risk of kidney stones. If you don’t want to suffer from kidney stones, you should eat more vegetarian food and whole grains to avoid kidney stones. Intake of foods containing high oxalic acid, in addition to reducing the intake of high-purine foods such as animal offal and seafood, the diet should be mainly light and not too salty.

3. Appropriate exercise

Sitting for a long time and not exercising can affect the body’s metabolism, and proper exercise can speed up the body’s metabolism, improve the function of various organs, and >Promote perspiration, which is great for preventing kidney disease.In the choice of sports, you can choose some jumping sports, such as playing badminton, strong jumping, etc., which can help the discharge of kidney crystals, and exercise should be adhered to for a long time.

4. Routines of life, maintain a good mood

Everyone should pay attention to work and rest rules in life, ensure adequate sleep time, and not stay up late. In addition, avoid putting too much pressure on yourself and regulate your mood, which will help maintain a weak alkaline constitution and prevent the occurrence of kidney stones.

In short, bad living and eating habits are the main factors that induce kidney stones. If you want to stay away from kidney stones, you should first start with your lifestyle, drink more water, exercise more, adjust your diet, and eliminate In addition, if you have high blood pressure, diabetes and diseases of the urinary system, you should treat them in time, otherwise it will easily induce the occurrence of kidney stones.