Why did Wang Jianlin succeed? Because of its “enchanted” self-discipline

Some people say: don’t indulge yourself, don’t make excuses for yourself, be strict with yourself, over time, self-discipline will become A habit, a way of life. Self-discipline is really a very unskilled thing, but it is also the most difficult thing to stick to. Many people cannot achieve self-discipline because they are at the mercy of their desires and cannot control themselves strictly. In the final analysis, self-discipline is a game between oneself and oneself. In real life, two kinds of people who are self-disciplined and those who are not self-disciplined have vastly different lives.

Successful people are capable of self-management and self-restraint. Top self-disciplined people can generally achieve high achievements in life. We saw a day in the life of entrepreneur Wang Jianlin in a Luyu talk show. After watching it, we were very touched. On this day, he got up at 4 in the morning, followed by a 45-minute exercise, and went to the airport after having breakfast in 30 minutes. After a flight of more than 5 hours, he flew from Jakarta to Haikou, met with relevant Hainan leaders at the Hainan State Guest House, and then participated in the The Wanda Group project signing ceremony ended the morning trip; after a brief lunch at 13:20, I rushed to the airport, flew in the air for more than three hours and arrived in Beijing, and returned to the office at about 7 pm to continue the work.

Those who understand efficient time management will compress time, improve efficiency, integrate trivial time, and make scattered time generate greater benefits. Time is the most critical factor in generating benefits. How do successful people organize their day? Is one’s time management skills strong? It depends on how well he achieves his goals within the stipulated time and the value he creates. Creating more value than others in the same time, this control of time is the secret of success. Wang Jianlin is a model of time management.

During decades of ups and downs in the business world, Wang Jianlin has a high degree of self-discipline. Wanda Plaza, the star product of Wanda, has gone from local to national, from the first generation to the fourth generation supported by digitalization. This is also the self-discipline of enterprises under the influence of Wang Jianlin: perseverance, innovation and change.

Wanda Group also experienced low valuations, which is why it exited the Hong Kong stock market. Time has passed, and seven years have passed in a blink of an eye. Under the leadership of Wang Jianlin, Wanda Group has regrouped to fight the Hong Kong stock market again, and Wanda Commercial Management is full of confidence and confidence, and everything is actively advancing.

Speaking of the end, Wang Jianlin’s success tells us not to give up at any time, but to have the confidence and courage to stick to your dreams and work hard. Put it into action, so that you can get closer and closer to success. “In the past, I couldn’t say that the heart of the Yellow River will not die, and I will not turn back if I hit the southern wall, but if I reach the heart of the Yellow River, I will not die. Maybe I will build a bridge and I will pass. If I hit the southern wall, I will not look back. If I find a ladder, I will climb over. .” It is Wang Jianlin’s perseverance, hard work and extreme self-discipline that have enabled him to have a colorful life today!