WHO renamed monkeypox virus to mpox, the original name was accused of racism and stigmatization

On November 28, the World Health Organization (WHO) officially used “mpox” as the new name for “monkeypox”.

May 2022 The picture released on the 23rd and taken in 2004 shows the monkeypox virus under an ultrathin section electron microscope. People’s Visual Data Map

According to Sky News (Sky News) report on November 28, the World Health Organization renamed “monkeypox” (monkeypox) to “mpox”. “The two names will be used side by side for one year. The name ‘monkeypox’ will be phased out thereafter,” the World Health Organization said.

According to a previous report by Politico, a senior White House official urged the WHO to change its name, accusing the term “monkeypox” of “an unwarranted insult to people of color.” , claiming to adopt a new name without the approval of the WHO.

In June of this year, more than 30 international medical experts also issued a joint letter stating that the origin of monkeypox in the world is unknown and that it should not be geographically tagged. Suspected associations with West Africa or Nigeria may contribute to racist stereotypes associated with Africa. The World Health Organization agreed on a plan to rename it this summer and had publicly called for a new name.

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