Who put the OCD patients into the abyss of pain?

Who put the obsessive-compulsive disorder into the abyss of pain?

No matter which platform you search for the principle and treatment of obsessive-compulsive disorder, the answer is almost uniform. The thoughts and thoughts of obsessive-compulsive disorder are normal, and anxiety is also normal. Let them come and they will go. Don’t worry about it. Obsessive-compulsive disorder is not a disease. It is only when you want to cure obsessive-compulsive disorder. Mouth, and the root of these claims, is the Morita therapy.

We use the principle of forced intention to explain the absurdity of these statements, which is extremely harmful. A woman is always worried that she will kill her daughter. With sharp tools such as kitchen knives and scissors, I have the urge to kill my daughter, which is very painful. I dare not see my daughter, but my mother wants to see her child, which is extremely painful. If this thought is allowed to come, this thought will indeed come frequently, and this mother will live like death all day long. If the symptoms are not eliminated, this mother will be forced to death.

The correct way is to let this mother understand that this is symptom thinking, which is false, not her original intention, but a wrong thinking mode formed by past experiences. Eliminate anxiety, practice changing your thinking mode, and if you change, the symptoms will disappear, and you can look after your child normally if you don’t have symptoms.

In the past, the policy of non-resistance was adopted and the Japanese devils were allowed to kill people. Did he not kill them? Just make it worse, allow the symptoms to come and it won’t come? It comes more frequently, so there is only one result of Morita therapy, which is aggravation, aggravation, aggravation!

In recent years, very few OCD patients have recovered. It is not a terminal illness, let alone cancer, but a wrong theory that has harmed these OCD patients and their families, but some He is an obvious liar, knowing that it is invalid, but still cheating. Poor obsessive-compulsive disorder patients, when they can understand the truth and recover with efficient methods, I am afraid it will take a long time.