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Recently, tourist Liu Min (pseudonym) and friends reported a group trip to Yunnan, but unexpectedly they were threatened by the tour guide “I know your home address and ID number, white-collar workers need to spend at least 8,000 yuan “. Liu Min said that the tour group went to Dali and Lijiang and other places, and asked to shop everywhere. Emerald. On the afternoon of August 3, the staff of the Kunming Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism in Yunnan responded to the Jimu news reporter that they had paid attention to the matter and were currently investigating and handling it. (Fangyuan Magazine, August 4th)

△Liu Min had previously asked if the group needed to shop, The staff denied that after the trip, under the pressure of the tour guide, Liu Min and his friends bought things for five or six thousand yuan. Source: The Paper

The beauty of the world, such as lakes and mountains, fragrant forests, songbirds, rabbits and falcons, kites flying and fish leaping, etc., in a sense, is nothing more than the generosity of nature to human beings Gift and bestow. Human beings are not only “not to be taught lightly to live up to”, but also should be cherished and protected with all their might. It is a pity that there are some people who are not interested in human beings, who do not know happiness in the midst of blessings. Instead of being indifferent to the beauty of the good times, they are often abrupt and offended, and even commit brutal acts such as blasphemy and abuse. The ancients had no name for this kind of expression of the kindness of nature that goes against the original intention of the giver, so they created a vocabulary that is both easy to understand and covers a wide range, that is, “killing the scenery”. As a result, tour guides require tourists to shop every time they go, and if the amount of shopping does not meet a certain standard, the tour guide will threaten to “know your home address and ID number”, which is obviously a “kill the scenery”. The only difference is that the former “kills” the natural scenery, while the latter “kills” the human scenery.

For this kind of tour guide, which is confused with the “scissor type”, only if it is dealt with seriously, can it be an example to others. At the same time, it is also possible to make the quality of tour guides equal to the beautiful natural scenery of Yunnan. But the question is, is it only this kind of “scissor-style” tour guide that needs to be reflected? I am afraid that local travel agencies and local cultural tourism authorities also have no shirk responsibility.

In fact, a considerable number of tour guides hired or hired by some scenic spots are non-professionals or professional non-professionals, especially some “net celebrity” cities and “net celebrity” scenic spots. , every May 1st, 11th, winter and summer vacations and other peak tourist seasons, it seems that anyone can be a tour guide. For example, at the beginning of July this year, in Zhanjiang, Guangdong, when a Ms. Dai brought her parents back on the last day of the group tour, she quarreled with the tour guide in Zhangjiajie on the bus because she did not buy the special products sold by the tour guide. During this process, the 75-year-old The father died of suspected cardiac arrest. After the incident, Ms. Dai discovered that the tour guide involved was actually an “unlicensed tour guide” and the tour guide certificate held was false. In addition, according to the conventions of the tourism industry, most of the income of tour guides comes from the commission of tourists entering the store for shopping. If tourists are allowed to “purely play” without any shopping links, the tour guide will not only earn less money, but will even have to subsidize it. In this case, in order to survive or make more money, some tour guides will naturally try their best to force tourists to buy more goods and get more commissions or rebates. This phenomenon has become an unspoken rule and stubborn disease of the industry.

It can be seen that it is important to severely punish the “scissor-style” tour guides who damage the rights and interests of tourists and the travel agencies involved, but it is obvious that in order to eradicate the stubborn disease of tour guides forcing tourists to consume, we have to pin our hopes on the local cultural tourism director. The department will issue relevant rules as soon as possible, so as to completely reverse the unreasonable practices of the tourism industry and improve the income structure of tour guides. Under this premise, it is necessary to urge local travel agencies to strengthen the construction of tour guide teams, not only to use them, but also to improve them, organize regular rotation training, and provide excellent services among them. When tour guides no longer depend on the commission of tourists shopping in stores, and at the same time, when the income of tour guides is linked to the quality of service and has little to do with the amount of tourists shopping, I believe that no tour guide will take the risk of losing their “jobs” and force them to Tourist shopping. Of course, the majority of tourists should also abandon the mentality of greed for cheap, resolutely boycott and refrain from participating in unreasonable low-cost tours, and prevent falling into the trap of “shopping tours” and cause unnecessary economic losses. As a result, the stubborn disease of “threatening” or forcing tourists to consume will lose its living space.

[Source: Jiupai News]

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