Which one is more harmful to the respiratory system, electronic cigarettes and cigarettes? CUHK’s latest research finds…

The impact of electronic cigarettes and cigarettes on health has been a topic of concern in recent years. On October 8, a research team from the School of Pharmacy, Sun Yat-Sen University published a paper in the global toxicology core journal “ARCHIVES OF TOXICOLOGY”, pointing out that at the same nicotine dose, e-cigarette aerosols are less harmful to the respiratory system than cigarettes. smoke.

Sun Yat-Sen University Electronic Cigarette Research

In this study, the Sun Yat-Sen University research team compared the effects of cigarettes and electronic cigarettes on lung function, inflammatory factors, and protein expression in mice for the first time under the same nicotine content, filling in the relevant research gaps in the field. The researchers selected a certain brand of electronic cigarettes and commercial cigarettes as samples, and randomly divided 32 mice into 4 groups, which were exposed to clean air, low-dose electronic cigarette aerosol, high-dose electronic cigarette aerosol, and cigarette smoke for 10 weeks. , and analyze its multiple indicators.

From the aspects of lung tissue pathological sections, pulmonary function testing, serum inflammatory factor testing, proteomic analysis, etc., the research results show that exposure to larger inhaled doses of cigarettes and electronic cigarettes has adverse effects on the respiratory system Harmful, but at the same nicotine dose, e-cigarette aerosol is less harmful to the respiratory system than cigarette smoke.

E-cigarettes do not produce tar because they do not require combustion, and are widely regarded as a harm reduction alternative. However, research on e-cigarettes has not been sufficient due to their relatively short time to market. In recent years, many scientific research institutions and public health organizations have focused on the potential impact of e-cigarettes. The research team of Sun Yat-Sen University stated that this study comprehensively and systematically analyzed the relative safety of e-cigarettes at the animal level, and hoped to conduct more clinical studies in the future to objectively and in-depth evaluate the long-term effects of e-cigarettes.

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