Which direction to sleep in is good for your health?

If you sleep in the north-south direction, it will help your health to a certain extent. It can effectively prevent insomnia and dreaminess, and will not affect the quality of sleep. However, after investigation, professional doctors found that this is nothing more than a psychological hint. Even if there is a magnetic field that has little effect on sleep, the main factors that affect sleep quality are psychological factors, environmental factors, and psychological factors.

It is said that when you sleep, you have a good sleep Quality, to a certain extent, can protect personal health, but many people may not understand that when sleeping, there is also a certain emphasis on the direction of sleeping. If you choose the correct sleeping method, you will definitely be able to have a deep sleep quality. It will have an impact, so which direction to sleep is good for the body?

1. Which direction to sleep is good for your health

It is generally recommended to face north and south, because the earth has a geomagnetic field, and the magnetic field will attract some metal substances, and the human body contains these metal substances, especially the blood contains a lot of iron elements, so if you sleep Facing the east-west direction will cause insomnia and dreaminess, which will affect the quality of sleep. Generally, facing the north-south direction can make the body organs in an orderly state and has the effect of improving organ functions. After a long time, you can have a smooth flow of Qi and blood, and it also has the effect of coordinating the slow-wave and fast-wave sleep, which can deepen the depth of sleep.

2. Does the sleeping direction really affect the body

According to the direction of sleep indicated by professional medical scientists, there is generally no corresponding statement in the professional field, and no research papers indicate that it will affect the quality of sleep. Even if there is an impact, it is also negligible. This is just a psychological hint. Environmental factors, psychological factors, and physiological factors generally affect sleep quality. Although there will be a wide range of magnetic fields around us, for example, an electric field will be generated in the air during a thunderstorm, and the earth’s geomagnetic field will generally face north and south, but this does not have much impact on personal health.