When stewing bone broth, should you blanch it first or stew it directly? Nothing is right, do 2 steps, the soup is fresh and the meat is tender and has no fishy smell

Boiled bone soup, blanched first or stewed directly? Nothing is right, do 2 steps, the soup is fresh and the meat is tender and has no fishy smell

Winter is coming, the weather is getting colder, it is very important to nourish, otherwise if the body is not well maintained, what to do Through this cold winter? Eating more meat in winter can supplement protein, calcium, etc., which is beneficial to the body, but eating too much meat every day is not easy to digest and may burden the body.

We can try to make soup with fish, meat, ribs, etc. It tastes lighter this way. Stewed pork ribs soup, our family drinks it three times a week, the price is not expensive, the taste is delicious, and it can also supplement nutrition. Why not do it? Especially those with children or the elderly at home, let alone money.

Stew bone soup, there are still skills to speak of, wash the ribs and put them in the pot directly , or blanching directly, both methods are wrong. If you want the stewed soup to be milky white and delicious, and the stewed meat to be tender and not fishy, ​​you need to do 2 steps in advance, and I will introduce it to you in detail immediately.

【Stewed Rib Soup】

< p data-track="6">Materials used: pork ribs, corn, carrots, ginger, cooking wine, salt

Specific operation:

The first step, after we take the ribs home, put them under the tap and clean them After cleaning, should I blanch the water first, or put it directly into the pot? Nothing is right. Next, I will teach you a trick. Prepare a basin of water, pour the ribs into it, and soak for 1 hour to remove excess blood and fishy smell. This is the first key step.

The second step, after the time is up, we will take out the ribs, Put a few slices of ginger and 2 tablespoons of cooking wine into the pot to remove the fishy smell, then add water and start cooking. After the fire boils, continue cooking for a while until dirty foam appears. Skim off the foam and put the ribs in. Come out and rinse.


The third step, can you stew directly below? It is also not possible, we prepare a pot, pour a small amount of oil into it, then pour the ribs in, stir-fry for a while with a shovel, until the surface of the ribs is slightly browned, it is enough, Stir-fry in this way and then stew If so, the fragrance will be more intense, which is the second critical step.

Step 4: Add an appropriate amount of water to the fried pork ribs, preferably boiling water, add a few slices of ginger, cover and simmer, boil on high heat, then simmer on low heat for another 40 minutes. Taking advantage of this time, Let’s chop corn, carrots, or other ingredients you like.

Five steps, after the pork rib soup is stewed, you can pour in the side dishes, continue to stew for 20 minutes, the aroma will be very strong. For seasoning, you only need to put a spoonful of salt, stir well and taste the saltiness, feel If you can, turn off the fire and serve a bowl to drink.