When Sichuan Historical Celebrities Met “The Beginning of Autumn”: Changfeng Wanli Sending Qiuyan

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Autumn begins today, and the four seasons are halfway through. After a splendid summer, the mature breath is blowing.

In the poems of famous historical figures in Sichuan, autumn is bright and sassy, ​​beautiful and quiet, or has a desolate atmosphere. The autumn in Du Fu’s “After the Beginning of Autumn” is “Xuanchan has no stop, and Qiuyan has become a guest”. Li Bai wrote “The long winds send autumn wild geese for thousands of miles, and you can enjoy high-rise buildings”, describing the magnificent scenery of autumn, and it is difficult to conceal the feeling of being unaccounted for.

The beginning of autumn

Being the beginning of the second half of Du Fu’s life

Autumn is the harvest season, The beginning of autumn is the beginning of this harvest festival. A bumper harvest is a happy thing for many people, but for Du Fu, in the second year of Qianyuan, which is the beginning of autumn in 759 AD, he was not happy because he was thinking about his future.

This year, Du Fu is 47 years old. This summer, when Huazhou and Guanzhong suffered a severe drought, Du Fu wrote “Summer Sigh” and “Summer Night Sigh”. Coupled with his disgust for the political environment, Du Fu began to have the idea of ​​giving up officialdom.

For this reason, just after the beginning of autumn, he wrote a five-character ancient poem called “After the Beginning of Autumn”: “The sun and the moon are not forgiving, and the order of the rhythms was separated last night. , Qiuyan has been like a guest. I have been alone in my life, and I have been melancholy for half a hundred years. Dismissal from office is also up to people, what is the formal service.” It’s just past night. The chilling cicada’s voice is shrill and wailing; the autumn swallow is ready to return south like a guest. I only want to be alone in my life, detached from all things; I am sad and frustrated, and I am nearly half a hundred years old. The matter of resignation and resignation has to be decided by others; how can anything be restrained by fame and fortune?

Shortly after writing this poem, Du Fu resigned from the position of the Huazhou Sigong to join the army and went west to Qinzhou (today’s Tianshui area in Gansu).

Du Fu

“Two waters clip mirrors, two bridges fall rainbow”

< p>The beauty of autumn can hardly hide Li Bai’s frustration

Not long before the An-Shi Rebellion, Li Bai was ostracized by the powerful in Chang’an and was given back with gold. After leaving office, he has been politically frustrated and lived a wandering life. In the autumn of the twelfth year of Tianbao (753) and the thirteenth year of Tianbao (754) of Emperor Xuanzong of the Tang Dynasty, Li Bai came to Xuancheng (now Anhui) twice, climbed the Xie Yu Tower, brought wine to the wind, and missed Xie Yu.

Xie Tu, a poet of the Southern Qi Dynasty, is of the same family as “Da Xie” Xie Lingyun, and is known as “Xiao Xie” in the world. His poetic style is fresh and beautiful, round and beautiful, good at origination, and sometimes has good sentences; it is also flat and harmonious, and the pairing is neat, which has an important influence on the formation of rhythmic poems and quatrains in the Tang Dynasty.

In the poem “Xie Yulou, Xuanzhou, Farewell to the School Book Shuyun”, Li Bai wrote, “The long wind sends autumn wild geese for thousands of miles, which can be hearty. “. Facing the clear autumn sky and looking at the magnificent scenery of the geese blown by the long winds for thousands of miles in the distance, one can’t help but arouse the pride and pleasure of drinking high-rise buildings.

In the poem “Dengxuancheng Xie Yubei Tower in Autumn”, he wrote “In the picturesque river city, the mountains look at the clear sky at night. Two waters clip mirrors, and two bridges fall over rainbows.” Languangshan shadow, the scenery is very clear and clean. The poet overlooks it from a height, and the “Jiangcheng” is just like in the picture. But this kind of beauty is also difficult to suppress his inner loneliness and loneliness, and the life he lives is not what he wants. Politically suppressed and unable to find a way out, he had to send his love to the mountains and rivers and befriend the ancients.

Li Bai

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