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Bloodstream Infection Experience

Blood collection timing and specimen transportation

01< /strong>A blood culture may be collected in a suspicious patient with any of the following indications:

Unexplained fever (>38°C) or hypothermia (<36°C), chills, low blood pressure, etc.

Inflammatory response parameters such as C-reactive protein, procalcitonin (PCT), 1,3-glucan (G test) increased, etc.

02When bloodstream infection is suspected, when is the best time to get blood?

•  If possible, take blood at the onset of chills or fever

Blood before antibiotic treatment

If antibiotics are already being treated, blood should be collected before the next dose Culture

03 How many blood samples should be taken?

Adults should collect 2-3 sets each time, and each set should be collected from different puncture points. If infective endocarditis is suspected, multiple sets should be collected repeatedly.

Adult “one set” blood culture refers to blood drawn from a puncture site and injected into one or more blood culture bottles (usually containing aerobic and anaerobic bottles)

Multiple sets of blood cultures ensure sufficient blood collection and increase the positive rate

< p>Single blood cultures are more difficult to interpret than multiple blood cultures

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Subject: Laboratory Processing of Blood Cultures