The new crown pneumonia epidemic situation in Hubei Province on August 9

At 0-24 on August 9, 1 new local confirmed case was added in the province (for Jiang City report), 24 new local asymptomatic infections (all reported by Qianjiang City), 0 new imported confirmed cases, 0 new imported asymptomatic infections, 0 new suspected cases, There were 0 new deaths, 0 discharged cases on the same day, and 3 asymptomatic infections released from medical observation on the same day (1 in Wuhan and 2 imported from abroad). As of 24:00 on August 9, 2 local confirmed cases (2 in Qianjiang City, mild) and 0 suspected cases were treated in designated medical institutions. There are 38 local asymptomatic infections (1 in Wuhan and 37 in Qianjiang) who are still under centralized isolation and medical observation. 1 overseas imported confirmed case treated in designated medical institutions was mild; 16 overseas imported asymptomatic infections were still under centralized isolation and medical observation. A total of 63,895 cases have been cured and discharged in the province, 4,512 cases have died, and a total of 68,410 confirmed cases of new coronary pneumonia have been reported. There are 618 close contacts who are still under centralized isolation for medical observation. < span>Notice on Extending Parts of Qianjiang CityTemporary Control MeasuresNotice strong>(No.3)

Qianjiang City will implement the implementation of Garden Street, Taifeng Street, Guanghua Street, Yangshi Street and Zhouji Street from 9:00 on August 7 Since the temporary control measures, with the active cooperation and strong support of the general public, the prevention and control work has been carried out in an orderly and effective manner. In view of the complex characteristics of the Omicron mutant strain with strong concealment and rapid spread, in order to consolidate the previous prevention and control results and effectively protect the lives and health of the general public, the expert group has analyzed and judged. The headquarters decided to extend the control measures of Garden Street, Taifeng Street, Guanghua Street, Yangshi Street and Zhouji Street in Qianjiang City. In the follow-up, we will adjust the control measures in a timely manner and announce to the public according to the changes in the epidemic prevention and control situation. At the same time, the headquarters will continue to strengthen the service guarantee for the lives of the general public in the temporary control area.

Qianjiang New Coronary Pneumonia

epidemic prevention and control headquarters

< p>August 10, 2022

The latest reminder from Hubei disease control experts:Please take precautions when traveling

recently span>

Indigenous clustered epidemics occurred in many places in China

Epidemiological investigation and viral gene sequencing

Analyzed as Omicron variant

For precise prevention and control

Hubei disease control experts remind

Please take precautions when traveling

Before Travel

In view of the current epidemic situation, it is recommended to avoid crossing If you really need to travel, please pay attention to the official epidemic situation information in time, log in to the “National Government Service Platform” applet, check the risk level of the destination, and know the destination flight, train suspension information and local epidemic prevention information in advance. control policy requirements. Wear masks, hand sanitizer or disinfectant wipes and other anti-epidemic materials with you, so that you can change your masks in time while traveling and keep your hands clean at all times. Prepare the “Health Code” and “Itinerary Code”, and take the initiative to show the “two codes” before entering the station. For the elderly and children who cannot apply for a health code, their family members can apply for the health code on their behalf in the “Hubei Health Code”, and print the “Health Pass Certificate” to carry on the trip. The printed copy is valid for 7 days. Measure your body temperature. If you have a fever (body temperature >37.3°C), or symptoms such as cough, fatigue, and diarrhea, seek medical attention in time and suspend travel. People over 60 years old who suffer from chronic diseases are advised to listen to a professional doctor’s health evaluation before departure. Those with chronic diseases or other acute diseases must avoid going to the place where the epidemic occurred.

When waiting for train/airport, transit

Be sure to wear a disposable medical mask at all times, and try to avoid eating and drinking. If you really need to eat, it is recommended to stay away from crowds In dense places, eat alone, and wear a mask in time after the meal.

Keep a safe distance of more than one meter when waiting for the bus, and sit at intervals or at different positions; avoid crowding and maintain a safe distance when entering the station. Avoid touching public facilities with your hands, and do not touch your mouth, eyes, and nose with your hands. Change the mask in time after the mask is soaked due to coughing or sneezing. Coordinate with the health inspection requirements of the railway, civil aviation, passenger transportation and other transportation departments, and if there are symptoms such as fever and dry cough, stop the trip in time.

During the trip

Wear a disposable medical mask throughout the journey. If it is damaged, replace the mask in time. In special times, it is recommended to avoid eating and drinking during travel. If you really need to eat, it is recommended to go to a spacious area such as a dining car to avoid others eating alone. Keep hands clean before eating, after going to the toilet, touching mouth, eyes, nose or handsWash your hands in time, or use hand sanitizer to clean your hands. Pay attention to cough etiquette. Wear a mask to cough or sneeze directly. When spitting, wrap it in a tissue and throw it into the trash. Cooperate with the flight attendants to do temperature checks. If you have symptoms such as fever, dry cough, and fatigue, you should inform the flight attendants in time, and cooperate with epidemic prevention measures.

Editor | duty editorial board | Dai Hengyecomes to source | Youth Hubei comprehensively compiled from Published by Hubei, Hubei Provincial Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Qianjiang Daily


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