What should dry eye patients pay attention to in their daily life?

Text/Yangcheng Evening News all-media reporter Chen Hui

Correspondent Wang Jian

At the turn of spring and summer, Lingnan area It is humid and sultry, and many people feel wet and trapped. Making tea to remove dampness is a reserved program for many families. Some young people are too lazy to make their own ingredients, so they buy ready-made damp-removing tea from the Internet. At this time, you must wake up your mind, it may contain hormones, and long-term drinking may even cause femoral head necrosis. Xiaomin, a young girl, is a victim.

The story of Xiaomin should be told earlier. In 2018, Xiaomin felt that his body was heavy, tired easily, and had poor appetite. He went to the hospital to check his body, but could not find anything wrong. Friends around me said that this symptom may be related to the “heavy dampness” in the body. Drinking dampness tea can improve these symptoms, so I bought a course of ” dampness tea” on the Internet and took it. After eating, I do feel that my symptoms have improved, but at the same time I have suddenly gained weight (over 20 kilograms in 2-3 months), but since I don’t feel any discomfort in my body, I thought it was after drinking.” After “removing dampness tea”, my appetite increased and I gained weight, so I didn’t take it too seriously.

As the days passed, Xiaomin did not experience any discomfort until August 2020 when she suddenly developed pain in her right hip. She went to the local hospital to see a doctor. The doctor prescribed some oral medicines for her, but she did After that, the symptoms did not ease. Two months later, Xiaomin, who was puzzled, dragged her right leg with worsening pain and lameness to the city hospital. After further examination, she found that the bilateral femoral head had necrosis, and she was advised to take conservative treatment. After about 4 months, the effect is not good, and the symptoms are getting worse day by day. When it was difficult to go up and down the stairs, Xiaomin went to Guangzhou to find Professor He Wei from the Third Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Professor He Wei, based on the imaging data and symptoms brought by Xiaomin, found that her bilateral femoral head necrosis, but the pain of the right hip joint lasted for a long time, and the symptoms were obvious. Although the hip joint is temporarily asymptomatic, necrosis has occurred, and bilateral femoral head necrosis needs to be treated. In the end, Xiaomin underwent hip-preserving surgery.

Comparison before and after surgery, the collapse of the right femoral head was improved, and the necrosis was basically repaired. The joints are stable, the cephalo-acetabular relationship is good, and the joint space is good

Recently, she came to Guangzhou to find Professor He Wei for a re-examination. Fortunately, she recovered well in all aspects.

Xiaomi, who came back for review, recovered well in all aspects

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1. Don’t buy health products such as “Qushi tea” online. Judging from the reaction of Xiaomin after taking “Qushi tea”, it is highly suspected that the “Qushi tea” she bought contains Glucocorticoids, Xiaomin’s femoral head necrosis is likely to be steroid-induced femoral head necrosis.