What is the reason for repeated diarrhea and blood in cattle? What kind of medicine is used to treat diarrhea with blood?

Beef diarrhea with blood is believed to be a headache for many breeders. Even if the disease is not very serious, it is still very risky because the cost of a cow is very high. Once the treatment is not given in time, the death of the cattle will bring great losses to the farm. So today we will talk about the reasons for the bloody diarrhea of ​​cattle and how to treat them.

1. Fungal gastroenteritis

< p data-track="4">When pasture is scarce, farmers generally feed cattle with forage that has been hoarded in the past, which will easily cause cattle to eat moldy forage or feed, causing mycotoxins to stimulate the intestines and stomach of cattle, causing Fungal gastroenteritis. Cattle suffering from this disease will have many problems such as listlessness, loss of appetite, and repeated diarrhea, and the cattle need to be treated in time.

For this disease, you can perfuse the cattle with 2-4 liters of 0.1% normal saline twice a day. , you can inject chloramphenicol + sulfadiazine intramuscularly to the cattle, and at the same time, you need to use Amway Taibao to stop diarrhea and avoid dehydration caused by repeated diarrhea.

2. Parasites

Many times, the cows have diarrhea with blood, and such symptoms occur repeatedly, it may be because of the parasites in the cows, and the parasites entering the cows will destroy the digestive tract mucosa of the cows. The phenomenon of bleeding, the specific symptoms are diarrhea, blood in the stool, weakness and emaciation in cattle, and ulcerative enteritis, which can even lead to death in severe cases. Therefore, it is necessary to deworm the cattle in time.

For cattle parasites, you can use: albendazole ivermectin powder, avermectin transdermal solution, different anthelmintics used alternately, repellent Worms work better and don’t make cattle resistant. In addition, after deworming cattle, it can be used on cattle: Anwei Taibao, regulates the intestines and stomachs of cattle, promotes the recovery of the intestines and stomach, and avoids the recurrence of gastrointestinal problems in the future.

3. Acidosis

The acidosis of cattle is generally caused by eating too much silage. Although this kind of feed is palatable and stored for a long time, it contains a certain amount of acidity. If cattle eat it all at once Too much silage can lead to acidosis. The specific symptoms are that the cattle will lose their appetite and pull gray or green feces.

In this regard, we must first stop feeding the cattle silage, and then feed the cattle with diluted clear lime water to neutralize the stomach acid. If the cattle lose their appetite after treatment If it is still not good, you can give it to cattle: Kaishi Taibao to help restore appetite.

The above is about the causes of bloody diarrhea and the method of medication. During the breeding process , Cattle breeders need to make judgments based on the specific symptoms of cattle, and cannot be generalized. Refer to the above points, I believe it will be helpful to everyone.