What is the difference between Baofeng Liquor and Free Love, which are both Pang Donglai’s “Internet Red Wine”? It is recommended to understand before buying

In the field of supermarkets, Fat Donglai can be regarded as a local legend, famous all over the country for his thoughtful service.

Maybe you don’t know yet, but as early as two years ago, people started to play liquor, and they also achieved good results. The Daojiu that it co-launched with Baofeng has quickly become popular since its launch in 2020.

No, just this year, the two strike while the iron is hot and launch a new online red wine “Free Love 1995”, is bound to be another hit.

Some people think this name is a bit strange when they first hear it. In fact, “Freedom Love” is extracted from the corporate culture of Pangdonglai, and “1995” is the time when Pangdonglai was established. This name simply brings a sense of customization full, is there?

Although they are all custom-made wines from Fat Donglai, the price of Free Love is about twice as expensive as that of Liquor. What is the difference? It is recommended to understand before buying.

1. The positioning and goals of the two are different

Speaking of the launch of the wine that year, perhaps neither Fat Donglai nor Baofeng Wine would have expected it to be so success.

Not only local wine lovers are rushing to buy it, but even friends from other places gather together to try it, and its price is less than 40, and it is positioned as close to the people, so the mass base is very broad.

This time, the positioning of Free Love is obviously higher than that of Liquor. Now the guide price is 70 a bottle, which tends to be Yu is working hard towards mid-range wines, and he is very confident.

2. Different wine body grades

The composition of the wine is mainly based on 5-year-old wine, It is blended by adding a certain amount of 3-year-old and 8-year-old wine, and the quality level is excellent.

The largest proportion of free love wine is 10-year-old base wine, reaching 51%, Supplemented with 8-year-old, 15-year-old, and 30-year-old wine for seasoning, it can be said that the quality has been greatly upgraded, and the quality level is marked as super.

3. The drinking experience is different

The price of the wine is there after all. Drink a few more glasses to get used to it.

And free love, because more old wine is used, The entrance is much smoother, and it does not puncture the throat, stale taste There is obviously a sweet aftertaste. Some drinkers said that the overall performance is higher than Rubofen, so you can taste and judge by yourself.

In fact, no matter whether it is “net red wine” or not, good quality and affordable price is the eternal demand of the common people.

Finally, I will sort out 2 pure grain wines that are also very popular recently, and the prices are also very reasonable. You may wish to taste one or two when you have time.

Paragraph 1: Tuopai t68

Tuopai is Sichuan Wine SixOne of the golden flowers, in terms of sales and status, it has been to the top position.

But later, The winery launched Shede Wine, intending to focus on the high-end wine field, and then Tuopai became popular because of Being left out in the cold, the input of various resources could not keep up, which gradually affected the development. But the launch of this T68 can be regarded as a turnaround.

As a strong and fragrant wine, its ingredients are one more grain than Wuliangye, and there are 6 kinds in total, so the aroma of opening the bottle is very strong, smooth in the mouth, not irritating at all,The aroma of the wine is plump and sweet, and the aftertaste is sweet.

Paragraph 2: Fengyun sauce father seal

This wine is a well-known local sauce wine in Guizhou, and it is a Authentic Daqu Kunsha Liquor, the quality of which reaches the premium standard.

People who know wine say that it is a perfect replica of the classic Maoxiang in the 1970s, which is different from the brewer Li Longevity is closely related. Not only did he come from a family of soy sauce and wine, but he is now a contracted super sommelier of Moutai. His father, Li Xingfa, is a veteran master in the soy sauce and wine industry, and was once the director of the Moutai distillery.

Half a century ago, it was Li Xingfa who developed the three typical sauce wines, which solved the long-standing problem of unstable quality and low output of Moutai. The father of incense, and enjoy special national allowances. And Li Changshou learned how to make wine from his father since he was a child, and got his true biography of “Li’s Maojiu blending method”.

So the standard of this wine is strict, only local high-quality red tassel glutinous sorghum is used, cold-resistant winter wheat is The raw materials follow the 12987 Kunsha Daqu process. The new wine is first cellared for 5 years, and then add 12-year-old wine to blend in small batches and make precious aging.

As soon as the wine enters the mouth, it feels mellow and elegant, silky and comfortable,slightly Sour, very strong sense of saliva, with a fresh fruity aroma in the middle. It is not spicy when swallowed. It is very smooth to drink, with a sweet and long-lasting aftertaste. After drinking, the whole body feels comfortable. At this time, the speech has its own fragrance.